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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. wormsdriver
    Here's part of the email they sent me 5 days ago:

    Dear xxxxxx xxxxx,

    We'd like to offer you 10% off your next purchase of eligible Amazon.com products (up to a maximum purchase price of $100) 

  2. Doc-holliday

    Lol why did someone claim his code and I didn't even get a single PM?

    Mine is still up for grabs. Again I want to see order confirmation page as my only condition. Want to help a head-fi'er save $$ on actual headphones/gear.

    10% off 500 amazon
  3. wormsdriver
    I'm your Huckleberry[​IMG]..........ha, no I'm not, just wanted to quote the movie[​IMG]
  4. Spiderman

    Didn't quite get that reference.
  5. wormsdriver
    "Tombstone" the movie
    Johnny Ringo: "weeelll didn't think you had it in ya' "
    Doc Holiday: "I'm your Hucleberry Hucklebearer"
  6. Spiderman
    hd 650 are 410 get them while they are hot.
  7. Doc-holliday
    Alright. I just pm'd my amazon code to spiderman to try to get that $410 deal. Good luck! Let us know.
  8. Audius
    mkay, more meelectronics sales again. sign up for their newsletter and get the ht-21 for $12 today only. (maybe it's already too late for this one, since it's a newletter and the codes are one use only).
    And 2nd is a meelectronics a151 gold box sale on amazon @

    11:00 AM PST

    I'm not sure on price when it goes up.
  9. duyu
    Lowest is 31+tax...But I missed.
  10. BearWant
    Bahh doc just sent you a pm... Looks like I missed the boat. Wormsdriver you have mail. I have been agonizing over an he-400 purchase for se time this would definitely help ease my wallets pain this Christmas.
  11. Spiderman

    You do know that at crutchfield they have a code for 20 dollars off orders 100 and they don't charge sales tax and its free shipping in California the he-400's cost me $380 and they give you a great 60 day money back warranty. The code is 3A172 if you are interested.
  12. BearWant
    That's as good as I heard of for the he-400.  I would take advantage of that.  However, I would prefer amazon as they offer financing and I'm poor.  I was fortunate enough to inherit the coupon you were not able to use from Doc.  Thank you Doc!  Sorry that it didn't work out Spider, the hd650 was high up on my list of considerations as well.
  13. Doc-holliday
    Spider got the deal with his own haggling skillz on amazon chat. Well done spider and congrats on your new hd650!
  14. BearWant
    Well I guess congrats are in order! Good work.
  15. Coolsax
    not sure if it's been mentioned, but If you have a Marshalls near you (discount retail store)  at least locally, they have the Phillips Downtown on-ear phones for $35.00.
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