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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. dxanex

    Do you work for Meelectronics? Just curious because you've put this up several times today (I bought the P grab bag, seems like good fun for the money)  I put in the free shipping code today, but I was still charged 2.50 for shipping...
  2. DemonFox

    Just that you can basically get 2-1 plus free shipping and the chance to win more expensive cans. For example I bought two of this deal for $20. So I will end up with one of three in ears that usually run for $20 each or under. So even if I do get the lowest ones its still a two for one. Just something fun to do and doesn't cost a lot of money. I was wanting new in ears and didn't want to spend a lot so this is perfect. And if I don't like them I can sell them or give them away @ Christmas
  3. Audius
    No, I'm saying someone reposted it and didn't bother to use the search function. lol, I work for ups and I did an AMA over the weekend so on my free time I was searching for headphone deals.
  4. dxanex

    +1 if I don't like them, I'm going to throw them in the Missus' stocking lol. She will love them. Hell, she thinks iPod headphones sound great. I'm sure even the lowest tier Meelectronics IEM would blow those away.
  5. earphiler
    amazon is back with HD650 and an amazon $50 gift card for $410 shipped.
    If I use my Amex, I get 1 more year of warranty.
    If I use my Amazon-visa card, I get 3% amazon points (essentially $12 in Amazon bucks on top of the $50 gift card)
    should I bite or see if it goes a bit lower? And which card?
    Argh :D
    I really wanna get a Hifimediy USB sabre DAC for $50 and an amp (considering those tin cmoybb amps also or maybe just getting the o2 and being done with it) and ditching my HD595 and uDAC2-HP
  6. Doc-holliday
    No!!! If people on here actually bought one then we would never get to see multiple daily updates of every little price fluctuation on amazon! The deals thread would just be ruined! :rolleyes:

    Yes. Do it..... U wont regret it.
  7. nam3less
    They charge you the price at the time of your order.
  8. earphiler
    went to sleep on the deal for a few hours, came back, back to up to $495 :frowning2:
    I called Amazon and got them to price match the deal. Plus paid the extra $3.99 for next day shipping. I knew I should have placed the order before going to bed, seeing as how the $410.54 I saw (and all the price decreases) were reaction to competitors constantly lowering the price to keep up with resellers trying to offload their last few units in stock (kept seeing 12 in stock for a while in the wee hours of the morning)
    $363.99 spent on HD650, $50 for amazon gift card, is how the deal breaks down on my receipt :)
    Awesome because $308+6% tax for refurbished stock from an authorized Sennheiser reseller (dakmart) but definitely seems not the most trustworthy and already spotty trying to see if they will ever be getting one in again. Not that much more New from amazon, and no sketchiness. Definitely worth the ~$30 price increase.
    I will end up buying something at amazon anyways (christmas gift, etc). so that gift card deal is nice. 
  9. Owwmyeye
    Judging from the reactions on head-fi, I'd say dakmart has improved considerably in the past few months. I was always skeptical about them, but I really wanted those Amperiors, so I bit the bullet and bought it. They came in absolutely perfect condition with all the accessories included. 
  10. earphiler
    Good to know!
    Still feeling pretty happy about my amazon purchase in the end.
  11. musiclife

    Can you redeem the gift card instantly or you have to purchase something else with it after?
  12. earphiler
    Gotta use it to buy something after.
  13. devhen
    I've only ever heard good things about Dakmart's product (mint condition like yours was). The only complaints I've heard are about their customer service. I don't think english is their first language.
    They're also an authorized dealer for Sennheiser. I would feel comfortable ordering from them. They've got some really great prices on refurbished 'phones.
  14. GREQ
    For Brits only - amazon UK has AKG K550 for £139.95 (down from the usual £249)  - I'm assuming it's on clearance to make way for the K501. 
  15. Agony
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