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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. Quote:
    Cheapest it is on Amazon is $1366.  This is the T5P, not the T1.  It's also considered generally bad form to crap someone's facebook page - you talk to them privately or even publicly anywhere other than their sponsored threads or facebook page.
  2. JCYC5
    I fail to see why facebook is off limits.
    They decided to create a page, and if one decides that a message should go out to be seen by everyone regarding a company with a page on facebook, then why should it not be ok?
  3. DemonFox
    Earlier today Amazon had them for $889 new and right now they have a used pair for $877! Still a great price
  4. zilch0md
    Remind me not to put up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood.  
    You might come by and hang a sign on my stand that says, "Lemonade is cheaper around the corner."  
    Then I'd have to take your sign down and ask you to leave.
    I guess I'm not very professional. 
  5. It seems to be the generally accepted etiquette with business facebook pages.  Logic doesn't really enter into the equation where tact is concerned.  Unless there is something potentially dangerous to a consumer (Singlepower etc) it just smacks wrong.  You have the whole rest of the internet (this thread included) to tell people where better deals are.  
    Also, what is the motivation? If its to save yourself a buck, why not contact them privately?  Because you're more likely to get the deal by forcing their hand publicly?  Again, that just strikes me as bush league.  If it's to save everyone else, have you considered that people who visit/subscribe to specific vendors' facebook pages do so because they like that particular vendor/have history with them?  You'd essentially be trying to sway people who like/buy from Drew away from him.  Think of it as a sponsored section if that helps you understand a poster's limitations on a businesses' facebook page.  Them not paying for it and it being in the public domain is immaterial to this point.
    On a separate note, if every business was beholden to have the best price possible anywhere with every sale, retail in the USA would be in big trouble.  
    Maybe I'm wrong on these points, or maybe America's culture of hive consumerism, entitlement, greed, and lack of etiquette are just too widespread for anyone to care.
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  6. littlexsparkee
    Yeah, it most certainly was in the $900s today from Amazon, it must've come back up. I don't see how FB is off limits either (thanks JCYC5), they posted a non-deal and tried to fleece people. I didn't say it rudely or anything, I just think it's dishonest to pretend like they're doing you a favor.
    @zilch0md: Lol, thank you for that
  7. Mcberto
    I think it's common courtesy for you not to screw over the business or their website. It's like going to someone else's store and shouting out the next store is cheaper. Please don't try to justify doing it for the people when you're clearly doing harm to their business in general. If they want to be informed you can do so privately or here on this thread but posting that stuff on where they do business is just not cool in my opinion. The sale is off MRSP not many small businesses can compete with amazon or other big box websites. If consumers are smart about their money they can do research themselves.
  8. HamilcarBarca
    At this instant, $928 directly from Amazon (but out-of-stock.)
    From Electronics Basket, $910. Never heard of em and don't know if they're an authorized dealer.
  9. littlexsparkee
    I don't think it's doing harm to their business because you're assuming someone would've paid for those vastly more expensive units in the first place. Lots of small businesses have online storefronts on Amazon and manage to compete with their prices. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to put it on the wall, but to block me for that? 
  10. the fool
    sorry to ask this, what happen when you order something that is out of stock in amazon, example like the T1? once there is stock but  there is price change like price increase, when amazon charge you, is it the original amount or the increase amount?
  11. Quote:
    This is exactly the problem I was alluding to.  MRP is $1399 and they were selling $200 of that.  The fact that someone somewhere (even if its on Amazon) is selling it for less does not making it "fleecing."   I'm all for deals, all for consumers getting the best deals possible.  But holding sellers selling at MSRP or lower accountable for the rest of the internet on their dedicated facebbok page is just not good form.
  12. Spiderman
    Huh earlier this morning the Hd 650's on amazon were $410, then at 8 a.m they were $495, 4 hours ago they were $465 now they $435? We can only pray that at one point this seemingly random pricing pattern reaches below $400. I wouldn't want to be in that persons shoes that purchased them at $495 which I'm sure at least one person did.
  13. Audius
    x-post from 538, please read the thread's last 10 pages, really not that hard if the thread is booming and you want a deal, tbh.
    1 day, 19 hours ago

    1. [​IMG]
    1. Audius
    2. [​IMG]
    4. online
    1. 60 Posts. Joined 12/2011

    You're all welcome, and the clock is ticking. The meelectronics grab bag is here.http://www.meelec.com/MEE_MEE_What_p/earphone-mee-what.htm 
    I reserve the right to sell my pair though if I don't like them since I told all of you about this, and it seems to have flown under the radar for the last 3 days for everyone but me and whoever else browses reddit's /r/headphones without telling anyone here about it. I'll even toss in the free shipping with the code "SHIPPING_COUPON", and save $30 by using the code "WOWMEE" as well.
    Also, save 20% on normal orders @ meelectonics with the code "NEW_NEWS", can't be combined w/ the above.

    Edited by Audius - Yesterday at 2:54 am

  14. HamilcarBarca
    Amazon prices their products by some algorithm known only to them. One can pay whatever they're asking now or hope for a better deal later.
    I waited many weeks for the '650 to drop below $500 and finally decided I was willing to pay the price. If I had waited for Black Friday, I could have gotten them from Sennheiser for $340. Oh, well.
  15. JCYC5
    I don't get what the big deal with those are.
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