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  1. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    ^ No they should stop the gimmicks like "first edition" as it's meaningless, sad part is that it worked on me [​IMG]
  2. Allanmarcus
    from tech bargains:
    Newegg has several Headphones on Sale. Free Shipping. Tax in CA, IN, NJ, TN.
    1. Sennheiser HD-202II On-Ear DJ Headphones $14.95 (was $34.95) 
      after Coupon Code: "MEMHP50" (Exp Soon)
    2. Sennheiser HD439 Over-Ear Headphones $39.95 (was $99.95) 
      after Coupon Code: "MEMHP51" (Exp Soon)
    3. Sennheiser HD518 On-Ear Headphones $59.95 (was $149.95) 
      after Coupon Code: "MEMHP52" (Exp Soon)
    4. Sennheiser HD280 Pro Around the Ear DJ Headphones $69.95 (was $99.95) 
      after Coupon Code: "MEMHP55" (Exp Soon)
  3. jojomax
    Maybe ship only in UK?
  4. Evshrug

    Thanks for sharing!
    Unfortunately the U.S.–side site has a much smaller selection, mostly Momentums and no wireless models. However, there is a like-new HD800 for USD $1012.47
  5. jcwyly
    Not exactly a deal, but due to the high value of the US dollar vs JPN yen you can buy STAX SR009 very cheap (comparatively) in the US.
    As you can see on XE, we're at a significant high http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=JPY&view=1Y (graph is # of JPN yen per USD, aka higher = more USD buying power)
    Pricejapan has their current listing (forwarding service) at $2,778

    Also, this has caused a lot of people to drop prices in the used marked... so if you're considering buying some STAX this is a pretty good time!

  6. doctorjazz
    Hmmm, less than the Hifiman HE 1k, but not much...
  7. Evshrug
    SR007? And was your quoted price for a kit including the amp?

    Are you talking about buying from STAX direct, using a Japan-to-US forwarding service?
  8. jcwyly

    Not 100% sure which vendor they're quoting. It's the first item listed on pricejapan.com

    here's the item detail page, seems to show the source retailer possibly: http://pricejapan.com/front/e_good_info.php?code=1048&category=10
  9. doctorjazz
    I don't know if anyone posted it, but on the Pono thread there was a post about a discounted Pono, about $250, have to sign up for their newsletter. Great deal on a great sounding DAP (please don't start with the lack of streaming, hi resolution, or other straw men...it is a DAP, think most here know what that is, not a phone, not a connected streaming player, not a vacuum cleaner...)
  10. dweaver
    I just paid $400us so hope your wrong or I will be more than a bit miffed. Having said that I am anxiously waiting my Pono's arrival.
  11. Magick Man
    I'm usually a pretty cheap SOB, but I actually just ordered another SR-009 as a spare, at those prices. They're my favorite cans (by far) so might as well.
  12. dorino
    I'm not sure if you can call yourself cheap when you just bought a spare pair of SR-009 headphones.
    Sattelight likes this.
  13. doctorjazz
    I paid more for mine...started buying a spare but site didn't cooperate...
  14. Magick Man

    I guess "cheap" is relative, I just don't like wasting money. I guess that's a more accurate way of saying it. That aside, $2800 for the SR-009 is the deal of the year, in terms of pure sound quality in head-fi.
  15. The Dan of Steel
    I got mine about a week ago for this price. Fry's ran it for a week and then yesterday for one day only.Minor hoops to jump through but absolutely worth it if you want one. Amazing player. Interface is worlds better than the C3 I came from. Sound is fantastic. Not too sure on battery life yet.
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