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  1. Ggroch
    I owned the CLs briefly and was not too impressed, I sold them as I thought my UE6000s in passive mode sounded somewhat better and were a lot more comfortable.   I have not heard these, but they are full sized cans.
    I see someone is offering used Harman BTs on ebay for just over a hundred, but they come with either the small or large head bands.   According to the listing the Amazon refurbs come with both, and a 1 year warranty. 
  2. rudyae86
    So someone mentioned this TDK bluetooth speaker a few months back and now its going for 60 bucks. Its a great all arounder and Im thinking of buying it. Downside for me is its battery whch is NiMH...other than that here is the link at woot

  3. cel4145

    I've heard it. It's competitive at the normal price it sold at in the the $140 to $150 range. I was tempted, too, by that Woot. Just don't need it.

    (I know. . . . Need is a blasphemous word on the Deals Thread)
  4. cel4145

    Phew! I went to look at it once more, and Sold Out!. Saved from myself :dt880smile:
    money4me247 likes this.
  5. rudyae86

    Haha saved me a few bucks as well. I was thinking about it but now, I forgot about it lol. I bought an SSD last night as well, MX200 and I dont need to spend more money....I think....or should I? Lol
  6. echineko

    By any chance if anyone comes across any deals on the Sony NWZ ZX2 over the weekend, please do report back, would appreciate it! :)
  7. HemiSam

    That's a heck of a deal. I bought one at $7X. Built like a brick and thumps pretty good given its size. Water resistant too although that's not a big deal for my uses.

  8. bixby
    And now back to our regularly scheduled progamme:

    Onkyo ES-FC300(R) On-Ear Headphones, Red

    $60 Amazon Warehouse Deals, open box used
  9. Smurfs2010

    Also, Onkyo ES-CTI300(BS) On-Ear Headphones with Control Talk for iOS Devices with Hi-Fi Cable - Black/Silver for $70.
  10. Asr
    HeadRoom has a 20%-off code good through 5/25 for newsletter subscribers that should work for a lot of stuff on their site (but not everything obviously), just hit up their site for the info: www.headphone.com
    I just tested it to work on the Audio-Technica MSR7, which makes for a sweet deal at $200!
  11. jcwyly
    And it seems to be stacking with current sale prices on some items (AND open box). Only items I've seen so far it doesn't apply to are JH IEMS ,DiMarzio cables, and HeadRoom cables.
    Which means:
    Fostex TH-900 : 1039.99
    LCD-3: 1556
    IE800 : 639
    EL-8 Open - OPEN BOX -> 479.20
    Fostex HP-A4: 279.99
    Fiio E17 - OPEN BOX -> 100.00
  12. mrscotchguy
    The Audio Technica M50x Pro gets down to $135... not shabby
  13. imackler
    I'd be tempted by the x5 at 270 if the second generation weren't around the corner. The Momentum 2.0 and vmoda xs are both tempting.
  14. b0bb
    Yup, quite a large discount plus free shipping.
  15. dabtpa
    On Amazon Philips SHP 9500 for $65.
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