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  1. Soundsgoodtome

    Only if you pitch why it's a great deal. [​IMG] 

    BYE! unsub.png
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  2. mrscotchguy

    He's not joking... what a terrible influence
  3. imackler
    says "mrscotchguy" :) 
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  4. blownsi

    Do you really think the seller should provide support one year out?  I can't imagine someone running a sales business with the thought that they need to provide support a year later.  They would have to charge quite a markup to cover that kind of support.  Personally I'd rather have no warranty and a cheaper price on a product that has a great reputation.  Trust me if Honda would knock 3k off the price of a new car to take no warranty I'd jump at it.  The odds of a failure costing more than 3k happening in the first 36k miles has to be nearly impossible otherwise they wouldn't offer it in the first place.
  5. elwappo99
    I can't seem to find this posted, but also find it hard to believe no one posted it.
    Looks like massdrop is doing another AKG rebrand. The AKG K181 is rebranded and at a pretty aggressive price of $80.
  6. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Monster Inspiration for $35 (Free Shipping) from Monster on eBay.

  7. MrEleventy
    Jeez. thx for taking the time to actually read before responding. :rolleyes:

    I'm not saying that Amazon should cover it. I was addressing slowpickr's post where he said that since it was fulfilled by amazon, it was "covered". I was pointing out that the manufacturer wasn't going to cover the headphones warranty if it's sold by a non-authorized 3rd party seller even if it was fulfilled by amazon. And that just because Amazon was outstanding in refunding one transaction, doesn't mean they always will because it's not covered in writing. He technically got lucky because they could've easily said, "Hey, it's outside the return window. Sorry."
  8. Spiderman
    This has become more of a discussion thread than deals.
  9. Change is Good

    It's an online thread that consists of something that doesn't always occur. It happens...
  10. cel4145

    Here is Massdrop's announcement of it on Head-Fi: http://www.head-fi.org/t/767968/new-release-akg-k181-dj-ultimate-edition-launching-on-massdrop
  11. rudyae86
    Those earpads though, seems like they will make your ears hot! I guess thats a good price?
    Honestly, why do I feel like later down the road, AKD will make them common and retail for the same price? I almost feel like as if they are testing waters but I dont know, just my guess....
    Anyone want to chime in and tell us about this headphone?
    With that DJ next to it, seems like it will be good for the EDM or Hip Hop music lovers, for on the go of course...
  12. cel4145

    Someone should start a thread for that in the Headphones (full size) forum :)
  13. RoMee Contributor
    If the sound is the same as the regular K181, then I doubt you audiophile type are going to like it. The sound signature is similar to the pro700 mk2. Bass was a little bloated and mids was lacking. When I had it I couldn't wait to get rid of it. It's good for bass heavy genre like hip-hop and headphone noobs will like it, but I don't see it being a permanent resident in most people's headphone roster.
    For around $80 you're better off buying a used urbanite or a UE6000 from amazon.
  14. Ggroch
    Amazon Daily Deal is offering the Harman BT Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Factory Refurbished for $100.   Original not the new Soho on ears.
    C/net and PCMag liked them a lot.
    Probably a good interim choice until you get your Momentum 2 wireless back from rehab. 
  15. thedude22
    Was right about to post this, the reviews for them are really good too. Which is really surprising because I have the CL version, $40 used, and they have to be the worst $200 I've ever heard. 
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