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  1. abhinit90
    Can't seem to find a decent deal in the 200-500usd range on ebay :|
  2. PsychShaman
    Me either, there's some HD700s for $550, but they are from an unauthorized dealer...
  3. jcwyly
    Sennheiser 558s for $99 on Amazon. Duplicate of a sale from Best Buy earlier in the day http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004FEEY9A

    Looks like lowest ever was $90 in February according to 3Cs
  4. ads1107
    AKG K545 US$110 / AU$140 (minus shipping costs)


    Available in black/torqouise, black/orange and white.

    Ends in 8 hours. Good deal?
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  5. Ggroch
    Its a very good deal, would come out to about $115 for me with shipping to USA (if I figured all the German buttons right).   Compare to $240 on Amazon USA.
    Also a good value compared to the K553 from Massdrop at $200 (which lacks the replaceable cable the 545 has).
    That said, I love the 550s, and bought a pair of the 545s hoping to duplicate the sound in a more portable friendly form factor.   They did not sound that similar to me... a lot thicker, more constricted/enclosed sounding.
    I think DWeaver's review is fair (scroll down the link), although he liked the enhanced bass more than I did. 
  6. imackler
    For those of us in the US, I hope there are some good Memorial Day sales. 
  7. slowpickr
  8. JamesBr
    Share if you find good deals :p
  9. MrEleventy
    "Fulfilled by Amazon" is not the same as buying from Amazon. It just means that the seller has shipped the products to Amazon and Amazon is handling the shipping portion. You're still buying from the 3rd Party Vendor and warranty will depend on whether the vendor is a authorized dealer or not.
  10. cel4145


    However, you did get Amazon's return policy and you RMA through Amazon if there is a problem. It's the 3rd party vendors that do their own shipping who can be a problem with returns who handle their own RMAs.
  11. Soundsgoodtome
    I'm unsubscribing to this thread now until next week, bye Memorial day sales!
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  12. imackler
    I'll just have to PM you instead! 
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  13. slowpickr
    Amazon gave me a full refund one time on a portable power pack that went bad after the 30 day return window had ended.  The power pack was purchased from a 3rd party but fulfilled by Amazon.  I have no reservations at all buying items like this.
  14. MrEleventy
    Yeah, and that's up to Amazon's discretion to cover. They don't have anything written in stone so it's not really "covered". What if you have issues with the headphones a year out? I'm not so sure Amazon would help out with that. Amazon has a great return policy, I agree with that. But for the long term it's not the same as a warranty.
  15. Allanmarcus
    Music Direct has a used/like new, fully warranty HD800 for $1200
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