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  1. alpha421
    [​IMG]  I think the horse is really dead on this one.  Somehow, the same horse has relived this moment multiple times.  Lets put it to rest and post some deals.
  2. elwappo99
    Deals it is. 
    Monoprice is running 15% off total order through tonight
    Includes those 8323 headphones everyone loves and cables cables cables. I recently purchased a microusb cable for my note4 and am thrilled by the quality of this little guy:
    I was doing that $1 shipped from china cable, but this guy is on a different realm of sturdiness. 
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  3. Soundsgoodtome

    They've got those BT APTX receivers. Very happy with the SQ and real good price at $50 minus whatever the sale is.
  4. Stillhart
  5. Soundsgoodtome

    I've got mine outputting via optical to my MHDT DAC but it has line-out as well. I've tested both outputs and very happy for the price. I peaked at the chips and it uses Wolfson chips for both D/A and optical out.

  6. money4me247 Contributor
    note if you are planning bluetooth streaming with an apple iphone or ipad, I do not believe the iphone or ipad supports apt-x bluetooth, only A2DP. you can get by with something cheaper like the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter, $27.95 from amazon here
  7. DavidA

    Nube question here, if I connect my phone to this and someone calls will the ring also be sent out to the connected amp/speakers?
  8. Soundsgoodtome
    It should still work and quality just as good. I have an NW-F887 i also send via bt to it and sounds just as good (even no aptx support).

    Yes, it will ring at the speakers as well. Also goes for any notifications and phone noises.
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  9. money4me247 Contributor
    If your device (smartphone/tablet) does not support aptX, the bluetooth can still stream via the limited bandwidth of A2DP profile. It can definitely still sound good, but you are not getting the additional audio quality benefits of the apt-X feature set that you are paying extra for using a non-apt-X supported device with an apt-X receiver. Hence, the recommendation just to get a simple A2DP bluetooth receiver for primary usage with iPhones/iPads or other devices that do not support apt-X. There are practical audio quality benefits of using aptX, however how noticeable & significant those benefits can be subjectively dependent to individual listeners and the rest of their equipment chain. You can also always switch to Android :wink:
    additional background reading for those who are interested: http://bringsound.com/articles/bluetooth-audio-for-beginners-part-2/
    edit: imperfect blind test, but may be helpful if you are interested in determining whether you can tell the difference between a2dp vs apt-x streaming in a direct comparison, source here http://stereos.about.com/od/Wireless/ss/Bluetooth-Codec-Crack-Up-aptX-vs-SBC.htm#step-heading
  10. jjacq
    Got me some xlr interconnects from monoprice :).
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  11. imackler
    Did any of you buy the amp/dac from monoprice?
  12. abvolt
    Has anyone here ever bought gear from soundapproach.com just wondering if there a reputable online company thanks for any info..
  13. Stillhart
    It's basically a Fiio E9.  The Monoprice guys at CES confirmed it...
  14. Allanmarcus
    Well, another take is to get APTx now in hopes that Apple will add it to iOS. I believe Apple supports it on Macs. 
  15. imackler
    I know ebay promotions are very spotty but I got a 5X back in ebay bucks today and its stacking with the 10% off coupon code CDTECH10 on consumer electronics from yesterday. 
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