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  1. slowpickr

    Couldn't resist and ordered these (Harman Kardon Soho ii). Did anyone else? I'm flying a lot these days. Hope the ANC works decently.
  2. Kdraper
  3. Asr
    Violectric USA has 15% off most of their amps right now, just go to the product page for any amp and the coupon code will be right there on the page, like this one: http://violectric-usa.com/headphone-amplifiers/hpa-v200
    Apologies if my previous post was misinterpreted, certainly didn't mean to imply that no one should buy from RazorDog or that I had anything against you either. That was meant only as a tongue-in-cheek wry observation of your 10% restocking fee when the other 3 resellers I mentioned don't have such a fee. I've bought from you a few times in the past myself, and will continue to buy from you in the future as well, it's just that for the HE400i purchase I wasn't sure I'd keep the headphones (since I had a very bad experience with its predecessor) and I've had negative experiences with other vendors who didn't waive restocking fees when I returned like-new items (most recently, HeadRoom). Thanks for your response, the info is much appreciated!
  4. doctorjazz
    I have to say, they may be great to deal with, and work with you when you call. What that does, though, I'd set up a "squeaky wheel gets the grease". Those if us that tend not to call and complain will have to pay the charge, then be resentful, especially if someone else didn't. If it isn't policy for everyone, it should be dropped. My $0.02...
  5. blownsi
    I personally don't think that any vendor should have to accept a return because a person doesn't like it.  After all, they are not the manufacturer.  Considering they will then have to sell the item as used and spend whatever time/effort is required to do so, I think 15% is more than reasonable.  I know I'm in the minority here but if I buy something I don't want, I resell it or give it away to someone who does want it and eat the difference.  
  6. doctorjazz
    I don't have a problem with that, don't think the seller isn't entitled to a fee for trying out the gear. Partly this is a result of Amazon policy, which people do use to try out gear, and needing to compete. My only point was, if you DO have such a policy, it should apply across the board, not only to those who don't complain.
  7. JamesBr
    I must admit that there is a bit of discrepancy on the two policies but then again like Yogi said, I think it's more meant to be theorethical.
  8. doctorjazz


    Well played!
  9. 396629
    I don't really think it's Amazons policy to allow people to think they have the right to 'try things out'  They are just taking advantage of Amazon's excellent service and think its okay to do so due to their scale of operation. That thinking costs us all in the long run.  They sell goods not loan them FOC.  If someone doesn't like something  they should sell it on, at a loss if necessary. If it is faulty or not fit for purpose then that's a different matter.
  10. PsychShaman
    Ebay has 10% off certain electronics categories with a coupon, luckily Headphones are one of those categories.  http://www.ebay.com/rpp/dailydealevents/coupon-event-5-18?customid=29b056e51e6b4ab38af107bb9ad561dc&pub=5574652453&afepn=5335869999&campid=5335869999&afepn=5335869999&rmvSB=true
    Taken from slickdeals:  http://slickdeals.net/f/7864945-ebay-coupon-10-off-200-electronics-64gb-apple-ipad-mini-2-297-amp-more-free-shipping
    The coupon works outside of the featured items, so it should be anything in the Headphones category, apparently it works on used items as well.  The catch is the item (also works on multiple items) needs to be > $200, and the maximum discount is $50.  So any item from $200 - $500 is the sweet spot.  Also, one per account.  
    I haven't found any great deals on new items yet, but let us know if you guys find anything!
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  11. doctorjazz

    I never meant to imply that the trying out and returning of gear was official Amazon policy...but the end result of the policy they do have on returns, in practical terms, works out to the same thing. Not implying that they support this, or that I do either, but seems to be how it is...
  12. Sladeophile
    Clearly Amazon has no problem with people doing this and has a pretty healthy warehouse section that proves it. In fact, I think this is a part of Amazon that helps them be such a successful company, keeping customer satisfaction pretty high. The same could be said for Razordog on a much much smaller scale, but equally successful and appealing, IMO.
  13. MrEleventy
    At the same time, they DO have a problem with it because they will ban repeat offenders/abusers of the return system. I think they're fairly lax on returns as long as you're not doing it for every purchase.
  14. 396629

    Well yes I suppose I'm a bit of a hypocrite. Taken advantage of a few of those warehouse deals !
  15. thedude22
    They run an algorithm and It's all based on if they can make money on you. Even if you keep 20 items and then return 2-3 macbooks, that already have little profit for Amazon, they'll ban you. A lot of the complaints I've seen online involve returning Apple products and they'll comment on how many things they kept. Even though those things generated maybe $20 bucks for Amazon.
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