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  1. Brian L
    Our 30 day return policy and 10% restocking fee is not in concrete. I've always worked hard to make sure every customer is satisfied and this includes waiving the restocking fee or even allowing a return after 30 days. I've never said no to anyone. All someone has to do is ask. 
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  2. GearMe
    100% agree...very helpful, client-centric approach!
  3. electryon
    Here goes, I think this is a deal.  Xiaomi http://www.mi.com/en/store/  is beta testing their US store, along with UK, France and Germany on May 18th/19th. 
    They have the Mi headphones listed for $79.99 among 3 other items (2 power banks and 1 fitness band). 
    I found out about this through Android Authority http://www.androidauthority.com/xiaomi-uk-accessory-store-beta-608550/, just in case you want to see the originating article.
  4. Magick Man

    Yup. Brian's good people and deserves Head-Fi's support. (Unless you all just want to deal solely with big, faceless companies that don't give a rat's rear about you, that is.)
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  5. Cagin
    had wanted a powerbank for a while, but always keep forgetting about researching into them.
    $14 for 10400mah  1mini usb, 1 usb slots, is that good?
    edit: preliminary research shows that capacity goes around 50-60eur here in Belgium. I'll check amazon/alibaba
  6. musicisthekey

    It's very true. I bought a few pairs of headphones from Brian. I returned one pair and wasn't charged a restocking fee. Excellent customer service.
  7. Allanmarcus

    I have one of there's. They work. Seems like a reasonable deal. Might be on the larger size. Depends on how much power you need. The 5000mAh is $9.99, so double the charge for only 40% more.
  8. Cagin
    bah I just checked, had thought I could get shipped via France to Belgium, no biggie, nice deal though.
  9. RoMee Contributor
    There's a few used (very good) white V-Moda XS for $88.84 shipped


    Click the used tab for more option
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  10. KG Jag
    The Creative Aurvana Live! from 2 Amazon Prime third party vendors for $59:
  11. Mr Trev
    Don't know if it a great deal, or if the amp is any good. Sony PHA2 @ NCIX $449 CAD
  12. AxelCloris Administrator
    Great price for these headphones.
  13. drbluenewmexico

    Brian from Razordog treated me very right. I recommend doing headphone biz with him when you can!
  14. Ggroch
    Thank you. I had been waiting for a good deal on these.  I bought the Onkyo's from Woot earlier this month and want to compare and keep the winner.    The Onkyo's have a fun sound/ I like them a lot. 
    As of this second, it looks like they have one pair left. 
  15. echineko

    If it was $295 only from an authorised dealer, they wouldn't last long enough for me to post here :p

    Yep, that's what I thought, just wanted to check if anyone had seen anything different. No worries
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