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  1. dorino
    Just got an email from MrSpeakers. They're discontinuing all the T50RP-based products.
    Mad Dog:  $299.99 now $269.99
    Mad Dog Pro: $449.99 now $379.99
    Alpha Dog: $599.99 now $499.99
    Alpha Prime: $999.99 now $799.99
    30 bucks off the Mad Dog, 70 bucks off the Mad Dog Pro, 100 dollars off the Alpha Dog, and 200 dollars off the Alpha Prime. Not really a sale, but it's something.
  2. money4me247 Contributor
    what do you mean not really a sale? that is a stunning sale! kinda hurts though as I recently picked up a new Alpha Prime just to compare against the upcoming Ether haha. very nice pricing for people looking into the Mr. Speaker's line-up.
  3. dorino
    If you purchased May 1st or after, contact them about a partial refund. They're giving refunds of the difference between purchase price and new price out to everyone that purchased on or after the 1st.
    I mean it's not really a sale because that's the new price. For good. Or, well, until it's all gone.
  4. Change is Good

    True, but compared to other liquidation sales... meh...
  5. money4me247 Contributor
    ...wowwwww... I just missed out on that windowww. lol!!
  6. cel4145

    If you are close, you should ask anyway, and mention you were talking about this on Head-Fi.
  7. jcwyly
    That's pretty crazy. Does that mean they're not going to do the upgrades anymore? I'd be pretty pissed if I'd recently bought Mad Dogs with the intent of upgrading later if that's the case. 

    The used marked on these is about to become pretty insane as far as pricing goes. Might have to pick up a prime... 
  8. Soundsgoodtome
    They've got their own drivers to go off of now. One with interestingly new vdiaphragm.
  9. dorino
    If I could afford a prime, I'd be buying it. Had to scrape to get the Alpha Dog. I'm sure by the time I can afford the ~1000 dollar headphones, MrSpeakers will have something else in that price range... and knowing Dan, it'll be stellar.
    If I understood MrSpeakers correctly, upgrades are continuing for the time being.
  10. Evshrug

    Right. Forgive me for derailing the thread further, but this is all due to Fostex discontinuing the T50RP headphone which the also-now-discontinued Mr. speakers headphones were all built upon. That said, if you already have the headphones, the necessary materials are still available for modding, so that option is still there.
  11. jk47
    i think this also means that there will be a closed version of the ether.
  12. echineko
    The LCD-3 for $295 off again at Buysonic:


    Incidentally, has there ever been a sale on the Deckard amp? Anyone seen a discount?
  13. xkonfuzed
    When i first read that i thought holy shi* LCD-3's for $295 only !!
    But then i realized it was $295 off [​IMG]
  14. Defiant00

    Deckard's only been out what, two months? I think you're going to be waiting a while if you want a discount (short of possibly an open-box or similar discount)
  15. Magick Man

    Because he's a really nice person, personally inspects every item sold, and works hard to make the Head-fi community better by giving each customer personal attention? I returned some defective cans to them (slightly loose input jack) and they swapped them out immediately, I'm not sure what more you could want. :confused:
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