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  1. imackler
    Personally, I'd get the odac/o2 then, and eq the bass as you desire. 
  2. Click
    Momentum On Ear (Green) - $70
  3. Wildcatsare1

    They are, the O2, and ODAC will not pair well with your HD800, their sound is on the lean, shrill side.
  4. inseconds99
    Does that hold true with revision b as well? Also I am not looking for coloration on sound, I find my X7 to do ok with the HD800 although the bass is a little lean.
  5. Sladeophile
    Te be clear, this is only on the PFE 012 and 022, making them $40. An absolute steal IMO. Just pick up some grey or black filters along with them and you have a great set of IEMs. 
  6. imackler
    Are the neutral filters grey? I couldn't see if they were still for sale...
  7. bikerboy94
    I would say gray are neutral. Green a little harsh in highs. If you plan on buying get black and I;ll trade you some gray for black. Save us both some $$$
  8. cel4145

    That's a myth. The O2 and ODAC have been measured to be accurate, NEUTRAL in frequency response. That's not "lean, shrill." Thought it might sound that way to people who expect their amp/dac to color the sound.
  9. Stillhart
    Here's more info than you probably need about Rev B.  My take on it is that it doesn't really change much other than some compatibility issues and reliability issues.
    This seems like the kind of topic that could get heated and maybe should be taken to a different thread.
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  10. jcwyly
    That's a myth. The O2 and ODAC sound LEAN, SHRILL in frequency response. That's not "neutral". Though it might sound that way to people who expect to listen to their amp/dac through science and not their ears. 

    See what I did there? My point of course is that this discussion has no place here, thanks. 
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  11. Sladeophile
    Yeah they are the grey ones. The black add some bass with a bit of treble roll off, but are still pretty good. Some people prefer the black filters.
  12. Soundsgoodtome
    Could also depends on the headphones, if it's lean sounding to begin with... what is lean?

    Baby don't hurt me
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  13. cel4145

    I didn't start it. Just corrected the notion that the O2 and ODAC aren't accurate, neutral. Anyone can go look up the measurements on their own from here if they want to and make their own decision. Or not.
  14. cel4145

    So go correct the person that started it. :rolleyes:
  15. Hansotek
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