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  1. Soundsgoodtome
    This is unheard of!

  2. cel4145

    I know. I had to read the UPS notice twice to convince myself I was not hallucinating. :k701smile:
  3. rudyae86
    Um, if you read correctly on their site, they did say they had extras from the last drop. They had them laying their at their warehouse. So obviously, they shipped out fast lol
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  4. KG Jag
    Audio Advisor too--this must be a factory authorized sale.
  5. cel4145

    I bought when they were almost gone, and I ended up being the 200th buyer to close out the drop. Who had time to read everything before purchasing :)
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  6. generic user
    Great headphones. I consider them as an upgrade to Grado SR-60i - with smoothed treble and more bass (quantity). One gripe I have is that the pads are on-ear and I still have not found a suitable over-ear replacement. However, that's not a big problem.
  7. 396629
    Maybe SR60i (I used to have 80i) but not IMO the new SR80e.  I got a pair of HPH200  last year after all the rave reviews for about £60 but I found the sound to be strangely 'closed in' for an open phone. Also couldn't stand to wear them for very long; the pads were even itchier than Grados ! Very irritating .I soon sold them, disappointed.  It shows that its important to listen yourself I suppose before buying but they are not easy to find.
    The new gen Grados are more refined and smoother than the old but still have that sparkle and airiness the Yamahas lack, again IMO. They're a revelation, for anyone who hasn't liked Grados in the past might be worth trying again. They're still a bit pricier in the UK than the Yamaha but better value than they used to be.
  8. inseconds99
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  9. imackler
    I was a little skeptical it not being JDS.. But on the other hand, that 10 year warranty is awfully impressive. 
    I just read that these need to be powered by a wall charger and its not portable... But is that true?
  10. imackler
    Audeo Earphones are at 60% off Earphonesolutions w coupon code AU50: http://www.earphonesolutions.com/audeo-phonak.html
  11. inseconds99
    From what I've read it does indeed need a wall charger. Also Mayflower has been around a while and I have only heard great things about them.
  12. imackler
    I just figured out why it needs a wall charger. There are no internal batteries because the odac board takes up the space that the O2 allows. At least that is one reason...
  13. inseconds99
    I am interested in this revision B. I might order one myself as I've always wanted and o2 and odac. Though I am not sure how well it will pair with my HD800's, I heard Schiit vali and valhalla 2 are much better.
  14. imackler
    In my experience with odac and o2, if you want to hear the music into your headphones as they are, its the way to go. If you want to tweak the sound signature of the headphones, get into tubes. I liked the Vali, didn't like valhalla 1, but, as I understand, tubes will introduce more distortion than solid state. 
  15. inseconds99
    I actually purchased these headphones because they are transparent, that's what I want. I want the music to be clear and sound exactly the way the recording was meant to be heard. I want a lot of detail and great sound-stage. Whish the 800 had a little more bass though.
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