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  1. doctorjazz
    They're standard issue on some acs ciems now (the Linum cable, that is).
  2. vpn2001
    Coupon code required?  Shipping was charged when checking out.
  3. vpn2001
    Expired according to their facebook page.
  4. ER4S
    Yes, it's expired yesterday.
  5. GearMe
    So...last summer I watched the Yamaha HPH-200s dive in price from $150 to $67 on Amazon. I waited for them to 'bottom out' at $60. The remaining 14 sold out in one day, they shot back up to $150, then down to $100 for a day...and settled in at $150 for almost a year.

    They're Yamaha's, so who cares, right? Well I'd heard & read some good things about them and wanted a pair of 'low-profile' open headphones for my phone/laptop.

    Recently, they've gone back down to $79 and I picked a pair up. Glad I did; great sound for the $$...comfortable, solid bass for an open headphone this size without ruining the sound signature, very good all-rounders.

    If you're looking for some <$100 open headphones, they're definitely worth considering!


    The one negative (for me), only the white ones are at this price...really should've bought them last summer.
    BTW, only 20 left. :wink:

  6. taffy2207
  7. dabtpa
    Velodyne v True at Neweegg for $90. Ad says last one week but I doubt that. It will sell out before that. Get them while you can if you want them. Exceptional low to mid end. Mids and highs are just okay. Not worth M.S.R.P.but great buy at $90. Build quality is as goosd as anything I have owned. And no, these aren't fakes. The Asians have not bothered to knock. Sorry,I did exactly as the instructions say, but it won't paste.
    Go directly to the Newegg website and look up Velodyne. It should work that way also.
  8. RERO
    Same price I payed for them 2 years ago, well minus the Amazon tax.
  9. doctorjazz

    Great review you linked to :grin:
  10. cleverhandle

    Here's the link:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA38N1068721
    I concur with Dabtpa - these are tremendous value at $90.  Bass is crisp and deep, not boomy, and the build quality is fantastic.  Brushed aluminum and stainless steel with rich brown leather.  The isolate you from outside noise well, better than most closed HP, but be advised that comes with a downside - they're heavy. Still, I have no problem wearing them for an hour or two at a time without a break, which is about as long as I can go with any headphone.  The leather earpads get softer with use, too, so comfort actually improves.  If you have a large head, you might find the headband needs about an inch more travel. 
    TL:DR - They sound great, bass on these is truly special, they're a little heavy, and the build quality is so good you'd be justified in spending $90 just to put them on a stand and look at them.
  11. Viper2005

    I love the brushed aluminum on the outside of the cups, but I can't imagine how heavy those must be!
  12. cleverhandle

    I just weighed them on a kitchen scale - 387 grams, without cables.  That's 13.7 ounces if you don't speak metric.  For comparison, my AKG K7XX weighed in at 297g.  I'd say the vTrue are lighter than they look.
  13. Viper2005

    That's actually remarkably light compared to the planars I'm using!  (HE-6 & LDC-X)
  14. CarpeDijon
    And for the USA'ers (although I think it's been posted before)...
    NAD Viso HP50 (Refurbished): $189.00; red, white, or black; 1-year warranty
    NAD Viso HP50 (Open Box): $219.00; red, white, or black; 2-year warranty
    Store's comments on refurbished products:  http://www.spearitsound.com/refurbished.html
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  15. cel4145
    Holy crap! Massdrop already shipped my K7XX. This must be one of the fastest Massdrop deliveries for all their audio equipment buys. Must have been extras they had on hand. I'll have it Tuesday next week. :)
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