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  1. pbui44
    Need quick stocking stuffers for loved or trusted ones? The AKG K240 Studio with detachable cable is $49 new or $39 used here:


    Add some sheepskin leather ear pads for $31 or with headphone hangar and carrying case for $47 here:



    If they are really exceptional and merit a DAC and/or amp, Schiit has a B-stock (full warranty but no returns) Asgard 2 amp for $149, B-Stock BiFrost 4490 DAC for $249, or both B-Stocks for $350 (choose the combo as the combined option when adding to your cart) here:


    Or get a Schiit Fulla 2 DAC/amp for $74 here:

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  2. phthora
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  3. Hifihedgehog
    An easy way around Amazon’s price adjustment policy is to buy the same item again at the new lower price. Then return that newly delivered item in the place of the older item for the initial older order so you get funded for the higher price. The only drawback here is this hack ties up your funds in your credit line but there is absolutely nothing dishonest about it. Amazon gets the same model of item back in brand new, unopened condition and you get an effective price match at the latest, cheapest pricing.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
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  4. Ggroch
    You will be out the return shipping on the item you send back. There is no honest way around that. But, depending on the price difference and the return shipping cost, you are right, this is often the best way. Amazon will provide a paid return label but deduct the cost from your refund on good but no longer wanted returns in most categories, like electronics.
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  5. rantng
    Note that Amazon does record the serial number on certain items though. There's usually a little note/disclaimer when they do.
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  6. jj69
    FYI no return shipping if you have Prime. Also, if you call Amazon and politely explain the situation, you'd be amazed what they will do for you. Be polite but persistent. I have achieved price match miracles with surprisingly little effort. CSRs have unbelievable discretion with what they call Courtesy Credit.
  7. GearMe
    Same here...also a Prime member though.
  8. Ggroch
    That's odd. They charge me return shipping and I have Prime. They do not charge return shipping in certain categories (like most clothing), but they do unless you tell them the item was defective on my Prime Account on electronics and most other items.

    Now Amazon is allowing you to return items through some local retail stores like Kohls, and I think that is free, except for the gas/trip. I had not thought of that.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
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  9. PolloLoco
    This matches my experience with prime, though there are some items that explicitly state "free returns" next to the price. They may charge you nothing for return shipping, but they'll deduct original shipping cost from your return value unless you declare the item defective.

    Since its unethical otherwise, I tend to be honest about not declaring an object defective. The only wiggle room I use is if the device definitely doesn't work as advertised in the listing. I believe that is acceptable criteria when they ask you to explain the reason for the return.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
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  10. FlacFan
    So true.

    Honesty goes a long way...

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  11. PlantsmanTX
    I have a pair of these headphones in the form of the Massdrop/AKG M220. They fit the regular sized (100mm) Brainwavz pads.

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  12. pbui44
    Then the XLs were mentioned for those with larger ears. :wink:

    Also, you mentioned the Magni 3 for $60, so for those with turntables, here is a Music Hall Phono Pre-Amp for $72:


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  13. JLoud
    I have been able to get Amazon to price match if the item was sold by them not just fulfilled by them. Also if it was only a few days between. But I always point out what a good customer I am. Jeff Bezo should probably have my picture in the warehouse as “employee of the year”. Several years running. :jecklinsmile:
  14. D3soLaT3
    I just wanted to add you can also return items at Kohl's. Khol's will pack and ship your item back to Amazon. I received a refund the same day I made the return and you get zero shipping charges.
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  15. PlantsmanTX
    Then the XLs were mentioned for those with larger ears. :wink:


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