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  1. teston
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 3, 2019
  2. Cruelhand Luke
  3. rmsanger
    Posted in the other thread but didn't get an answer.

    Thoughts on the Lyra II (NOS) at $349 and a pure silver cable for $50 or the reference 8 for $100? Is this this a pretty legit deal for $400 - $450 all in? This would be my first set of relatively expensive IEMs so is this a good starting point to dip my toes in? I will be using a Fiio X7 II with the AM1 amp module to drive it.. I assume this would be adequate? Also would there be a significant step up from the standard litz cable -> silver -> reference for the extra $50/$100 given my source DAP?


    Lyra II - Discounted offer due to last remaining stock. Product is New in Box. 90-day limited warranty.
  4. gugman
  5. maheeinfy
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  6. kl884347
    Not sure if it is targeted but I went to Monoprice and got 10% Rakuten cashback popup. That would make the 1060s $199 - 10% which seems like a decent deal.
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  7. Ziggomatic
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  8. gugman
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  9. PlantsmanTX
    It must be targeted, because it didn't appear for me.

    I do get a 10% discount code at Ebay (TENTEN), and I'm not sure if that's targeted.
  10. kl884347
    Must have been a one day thing when I posted (12/3)
  11. OrganMonster
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  12. phthora
    Whether those headphones are good is a topic for another thread, but that sale price is one that pops up fairly frequently. If you miss it this go-round, it likely won't be long before it drops to that price again. Take the time to research, as $400 can buy you a lot of headphone these days.
  13. PlantsmanTX
    No problem. By the way, that 10% off notification seems to come up on new or open box items that cost over $100.
  14. Mr. Olinad
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  15. trellus
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