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  1. spetrushin
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  2. GearMe
    Possibly...that said, 'better' is in the ear of the listener! :wink:

    Regarding newest/latest/greatest vs the junk-from-last-year-that-now-sounds-like-crap, it really just depends on your 'buying philosophy'.

    Mine aligns with @harpo1 - let the market introduce 'new' headphones or 'upgraded' versions and I'll buy the previous releases (NIB) and save a boatload of cash that can be spent on other things (i.e. last year's golf clubs). It also makes it mentally easier to sell them down the road if I choose to.

    For instance, thanks to posts on this thread, I just picked up the Amiron Home for $249 (instead of $599 @ introduction)...allowing me to get my Beyer fix when I feel like it. The Amiron 'replaced' my T1.1, DT990, & 770 which I also got great deals on at the time and had sold recently. Would be far less likely to 'impulse buy' the Amirons if I was taking a bath on the Beyers that I sold and had to pay retail (or close) for the Amirons.

    Another example of this was my HD800 purchase; acquired them for $999 (orig retail $1399) well into their marketing life cycle. Although I like a lot about the Sennheiser sound, they ended up not being for me...even with a few different amps (including OTL). Would've been pretty unhappy if I paid retail. As it was, I ended up 'renting' them for a couple years for about $100!

    PS - will probably give the HD800S a shot when they become 'affordable' :ksc75smile:

    PPS - just picked up MEE P2's for $25...was $100 previously!

    based on reviews, it should be a solid inexpensive IEM for the $$
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  3. Kyrk
    Where is this? Can't find a link.
  4. justrest
  5. the fool
  6. justrest
    I really don't know how to buy it. Maybe they will update their website on Black Friday day. Try to e-mail to them.
  7. Alcophone
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  8. Rodmunch
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  9. Kyrk
  10. HiGHFLYiN9
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  11. Terco
    Check your eBay messages, some people are receiving $15 off over $75 by app purchase.

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  12. Kyrk

    Thanks a lot
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  13. Slater
    Code no worky (for me anyways) :frowning2:

    Oh well, after 11.11, I don’t really need to be doing anymore online spending
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  14. speedwheels
    These codes are targeted to accounts. If it did not show up in an email directly to you or on the homepage of your ebay account, the code will not work.
  15. phthora
    Pssh... Buying headphones doesn't count as spending. Headphones are a utility, so it's like paying the electricity bill or getting groceries. Everybody knows that.

    HiFiMan HE5se used in excellent condition through Adorama on Amazon for $204:
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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