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  1. mixman
    I have the IFI micro black label, so I am wondering if I should both with the Mojo......it is definitely a lot smaller though.
  2. phthora
    For me, it's no contest. Black Label for life.
  3. thebkt
    I wouldn`t bother. There`s an argument for why to get one over the other, but if you already have the iFi, there`s no need to get the mojo.
  4. Blueshound24

    I have also considered getting the Mojo to replace my older Fiio 18 Kunlun for use with Android phone and off my laptop when traveling. Maybe the difference between the Mojo and IFI micro black label is smaller than and more difficult to hear a difference, than between my Fiio 18 and Mojo?
  5. joshnor713
    This is the price for it right now in a lot of audio shops (Moon Audio, Audio46, etc.)
  6. Zachik
    I remember people speculating a few months ago that Chord will release Mojo 2. Maybe it's coming soon and this price reduction is to help clear inventory?
  7. mixman
    With maybe a mini Hugo 2 at a reasonable price?
  8. Zachik
    I thought Mojo is the mini Hugo...
  9. phthora
  10. mixman
    Mojo doesn't have bluetooth like Hugo. I would suspect the next one will. Also I think, maybe wrong, but isn't the Mojo based on the original Hugo not Hugo 2?
  11. CANiSLAYu
    +1 I’ve owned both and much prefer the BL. To me the only area the Mojo is better is the smaller form factor.
    phthora likes this.
  12. Blueshound24

    Would you be able to go into a little detail why you prefer the BL over Mojo? Thanks.
  13. CANiSLAYu
    It’s been close to 3 years since I had the Mojo and close to one since the BL and I didn’t have them at the same time, so take it with a boulder of salt. I just didn’t find the Mojo engaging. It was cold and analytical to me. BL was much more engaging with a meatier sound. Loved the features like xBass, iem match, the variable power, filters, etc. plus way more powerful. Could drive the full sized cans I had at the time much more than Mojo.
    Rayzilla and Blueshound24 like this.
  14. baiyy1986
    I have mojo and my friend has BL, we switch a lot.
    To be honest, I think both are great but they are just different.
    BL is very versatile, which works everything, it can drive anything. It is very clean sound. I find it is a little cold and soundstage is a little narrower, but you always can turn on a lot of functions, which is very fun is useful if you have a bunch of headphones or iem.
    I think mojo works great with IEM, warm and engaging. That kind of deep sound I never see something else in this price range. But again I only use it with iem or very low impedance headphones. I like how it works well with very sensitive iem, but it can't drive big headphone IMO.
    Mojo also have a battery problem, it runs out of the battery so fast.
    trellus likes this.
  15. Zachik
    You are correct.

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