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  1. GearMe
    Got mine...ditto!
    So far have only listened wired...but, tbh, would be happy with these at this price even if they weren't wireless :)
    Hard to believe for the $$$

    Sound is definitely 'warm and lively' as described by Tyll on his WoF review; not sure I agree with his 'a tad bright' comment though. That said he favors a slight roll off on the treble.

    Don't expect the sound to change much on wireless (based on Tyll's review)...but will report back if it there is a substantial difference.

    Think these will be great for travel / on the go!
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  2. trellus
    mine didn’t look “mint” but I’d describe them as in “very good condition” with only minor wear evident. Sound is great! I think these are an extraordinary bargain at this price.
  3. Chenac
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  4. Ggroch
    I have only listened wireless. Tonally they remind me of the currently on sale Philips X2HR. I understand there are differences, open/closed, wired/wireless...but both have a slight bass/treble boost smile. I personally prefer the P7's because I think the midrange is smoother and the bass a bit less emphasized. Both are excellent values at the moment.

    I was surprised how versatile the P7s are. They handle my diverse music collection very well, I was impressed by how engaging they are on almost everything I play. Thanks for the Tyll link. I miss his reviews.

    If they drop to $110 I may buy a 2nd set.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
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  5. speedwheels
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  6. GearMe
    NP...yeah, he wrote some good stuff over the years!

    Was thinking the same thing about a second set...haven't settled on a number though. Considering a set of replacement pads is $53 dollars, am thinking about it right now honestly. :)

    And...yes, they really are good across a wide variety of genres!
  7. alexzogh
  8. phthora
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  9. Ziggomatic
    Code "F25" takes 25% off at Flare Audio right now. Knocks the Pro 2 HD down to $375.
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  10. alexzogh
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  11. Terco
  12. Ken G
    Thanks Terco. I always wanted the Ety's and finally pulled the trigger.
    You're links for the Ety's though took me to the Wal-Mart website instead of Amazon.

    Below are the links to Amazon:

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  13. speedwheels
  14. jaker782
    If you've been thinking about buying an EE Zeus, now is your chance to get one brand new from Drop for $750:


    A new iteration of the first 14-driver IEM ever made, this Zeus is as impressive as the god on Mount Olympus—with a price that’s a little less high and mighty.

    As a special offer, use any link below to redeem $250 toward the Zeus. But don’t wait too long—this offer expires Tuesday at midnight PST.


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  15. wormsdriver
    It's in stock and will ship within a couple of days. I was very tempted but did not pull the trigger. Btw, it was a bit under $800 after taxes

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