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  1. clerkpalmer
    I have 2 tcl 5 series 4K hdr sets and they are excellent values. When you start comparing them to the lower and middle end sets they definitely are the best.
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  2. OldDude04
    I've got the 6 series with Dolby Vision and its a really good TV. CNET said "With superb picture quality that rivals TVs costing twice as much, TCL's 6 series is the best TV value we've ever reviewed."
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  3. D3soLaT3
  4. groucho69
    $119.99 each Save $280

    Product Details
    While it may be the smaller powered subwoofer model in the Reference Series, the SUB R10 still adds powerful bass to any music or movie entertainment system. The heart of this subwoofer is the 10" (250mm) fiber-composite driver mated to the 200 Watt (400W peak power) high-power digital amplifier. The solid 0.75" (19mm) construction of the tuned-port subwoofer cabinet with its internal edge-to-edge windowpane bracing provides a firm foundation to reinforce the type of tight, punchy and dynamic deep bass required for high-resolution digital surround and modern popular music. This combination of unyielding structure, high-output digital power and robust driver provides powerful, deep bass response that will make your music and movies come alive. The SUB R10’s slender design and elegant details provide a rich appearance that blends well with any décor.
    General Specifications
    Height (in)16-5/8
    Height (mm)422
    Width (in)14-5/32
    Width (mm)360
    Depth (in)15-3/4
    Depth (mm)400
    Weight (lbs)34.6
    Weight (kg)15.7
    Audio Specifications
    Frequency Response31Hz–150Hz
    System Specifications
    Amplifier Power (RMS)200W
    Amplifier Power (Peak)400W
    Control and Connection Specifications
    Variable crossoverYes
    level and phase controlsYes

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  5. Ggroch
    For Sony MDR V6 and its clones fans:

    BuyDig through Google Express has real MDR-V6 headphones for $60 plus tax shipped. Copy this coupon code: TECHB2S19 Go to This Link. Put it in your cart. On checkout the price will drop $32 to $66 and the coupon code applied their will lower it to $60.

    Clone Lovers! The Newer NW-3000 can be had on Amazon for $21.44 but only if you choose the correct vendor. Go to the Neewer WN-3000 on Amazon. Choose Bundred & Thick as your Prime Vendor and put it in your cart. On checkout use the code NW3HP819 to drop the price to $21.44.
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  6. actorlife
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  7. Ggroch
    Frys has the Audio-Technica ATH-DSR9BT top of their line Bluetooth Headphones for $299 - free store pickup or $20ish shipping charge with promo code. This is the lowest I have seen this model. No noise reduction, just good sound apparently.

    They also have on their weekly sale the tie-dyed Teac TN-420TD turntable for $129 plus shipping. Also the lowest I have seen a 400 series Teac with phono preamp/USB output.

    If you do not have a promo code (are not signed up for their news letter) if you call customer service they will give you one. The codes can be reused.

    Frys used to offer free shipping on all orders over $35. Not now. BUT, a work around is to include an item with free shipping on your order, in which case everything ships free. AVG Antivirus for $10 is the cheapest thing I found with free shipping.
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  8. D3soLaT3
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  9. Ggroch
    NewEgg has a 20% Off Code on Open Box Headphones at the moment. Here are their Open box Options. Code is:
    AV819RDE There is a 30% off code on some models as well.

    Options Include open box Kef Space One Wireless for $80 and M500 White for about $30. You can only use the code once per account, but you can put multiple open box phones on a single invoice.

    UPdate: Looks like the Space One just went out of stock. Going fast as you can imagine. The Philips F1/27 is a classy lightweight headphone for $36
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  10. gemNeye
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  11. groucho69
    Raise your hand if you like savings!
    Get 25% off SITEWIDE with code "BACK2SCHOOL"

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  12. ciber
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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  13. Blueshound24
    17 more left. Amazon lightning deal only a couple hors left or when they run out. This is the combo deal with a chance for the RE600.

    Screenshot_20190807-092651_Amazon Shopping.jpg Screenshot_20190807-093034_Email.jpg Screenshot_20190807-092651_Amazon Shopping.jpg Screenshot_20190807-093034_Email.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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  14. GoompGoomp
    Just a reminder, the same promotional code is working if you wanted to use it with another account or help someone you know get something cheap:
    Or https://dro.ps/coldones-hd58x

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  15. GearMe
    Worked for me...Nuforce EDC3's for $80 :)
    -- ordered yesterday; shipped today
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