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  1. rantng
    Sold out
  2. Raketen
    Looks like the Woot listing was for used phones- in that case can find V20 at similar prices from reputable sellers on eBay etc.... Secondhand v30's are pretty affordable as well. Agree they're great value compared to DAPs Ive tried at these prices, except for the large size and lack of playback UI/buttons.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
  3. slowpickr
    Edit: never mind. That was a great deal. Would have been fun rooting it. Oh well...
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
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  4. phthora
    The closed-back Focal Elegia going for $699 down from $899 through authorized dealers on Amazon:

    That price puts a new pair at just 20 bucks more than a used pair from the same sort of vendor.'

    EDIT: This looks to be a sale through all authorized Focal dealers, so check your favorite online vendors.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
  5. gugman
    @ moon audio as well
  6. gugman
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  7. BananaOoyoo
    Not the cheapest it’s been, but ES100 is available on Massdrop for $79 (down from $99).

    There have been lightning deals on Amazon for less though, so not sure how great of a deal it is.
  8. Terco
  9. ekkstra
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  10. Slater
    That’s not too bad of a price, assuming you’re willing to deal with Massdrop instead of Amazon.

    It’s on sale on Amazon a number of times a year, and it always seems like it’s $74.99 shipped when it’s on sale on Amazon.

    So the Massdrop deal isn’t too far off.
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  11. mixman
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  12. CANiSLAYu
    Must be from Focal themselves, meaning all authorized dealers as it's the same price at Audio46 and headphones.com .
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  13. Cruelhand Luke
    Monoprice Modern Retro $20.
    I honestly can't think of another headphone I would recommend for $20...these are literally the 'best cheap headphone' right now...fight me. I wish you would.
    I got a set recently. The bass is everything you were promised..... and with better pads and some damping, I have these digging as deep as an Argon, it's ludicrous. For the price they sound great, they are getting better with mods (I have a leather headband coming up soon, to replace the terrible plastic) and they are a great platform to try your hand at modding. (the cups open easily, the drivers are accessible, the band is going to be easy to upgrade, they respond well to modding/pad rolling.) Seems like a no brainer.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
  14. wormsdriver
    World Wide Stereo has a demo Focal Utopia + Questyle QP2R for $2299 on their Ebay store. They also have this combo as an open box for $2499
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  15. jaker782
    I received this email from Penon this morning regarding a free upgrade cable with purchase of a Fearless Audio S8F:

    So if you buy Fearless audio S8F IEM now, we will send PENON OS849 cable for FREE.

    Here is the product page:

    A limited quantity, do not miss the opportunity.

    Introduction of the upgrade:
    With the Penon OS849 upgrade cable, the sound will be much cleaner and there are more micro details. The human voices are clearer and there is better engagement. There is more tightness in the low frequency and there is more quickness. The high frequency has more sparkle and air.

    So how to enjoy the special offer:
    if you need Penon OS849 2.5mm Balance, Please use the coupon code : -USD2.5
    if you need Penon OS849 3.5mm Audio ,Please use the coupon code : -3.5USD
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