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  1. alexzogh
    I don’t think they are in the same category. He5se comes from HE6 lineage, and is harder to drive - expects you to have a good, decent powered amp. With a good amp, clean bass with a good presence , very good details. 560 was similar to the Sundara. Easier to drive, very neutral, but not as impressive in my opinion. Neither headphone is in my collection though.

    Adorama seems to put the 560 on sale fairly often too. I’ll post it if I see it in their email blast.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
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  2. Chenac
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  3. wormsdriver
    JBL Studio 530 for $299 (w/ free shipping) @jbl.com, "Back order" mine said it'll ship by June 20th https://www.jbl.com/STUDIO+530BK.html
    tip: you can sign up for the newsletter and save an extra $10 on this order (I found out after I placed the order,:face_palm: lol)

    Edit: Also the matching Center channel Studio 520c for $149: https://www.jbl.com/STUDIO+520CBK.html

    Matching sub: Sub 550p for $189 https://www.jbl.com/studio-5-series/SUB+550P.html

    Newsletter perks:
    $10 off $150+
    $30 off $350+
    $50 off $550+
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  4. Cruelhand Luke
    Fidelio X2HR is on sale at Newegg for $170. I don't think I have seem them much lower than this...and honestly, anything below $200 for these is a good price. If you want a Midfi, open back, dynamic headphone, you have a lot of good choices around $200: HD6xx, Beyerdynaic DT 990/880, AKG 7xx etc. And the Fidelios are in that same class ....with better materials/ build quality. These are the Midfi headphones to get if you want that BASS.
  5. raccoon city
    Shipping was a flat $5 for my order in the U.S.
    (I finally ordered some Oval Sheepskin Earpads for my JVC HA-S680's.)
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
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  6. kennylim
    it seems like the coupon value and price after coupon is switched for the Oval sheepskin. I just tried the code on Brainwavz's site and the pads came up $24.99.
  7. leeperry
    Was working yesterday, they've fixed the glitch [​IMG]

    PS: and here comes the fixed newsletter like nothing happened ^^
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
  8. MisterMudd
  9. speedwheels
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  10. KG Jag
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  11. Cruelhand Luke
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  12. Slater
  13. Cruelhand Luke
    think about it...$68 for the SHP, $15 for generic hybrids from Ali, $2 in Super Magnets, $5 for a custom leather comfort strap...that's $90 for this: IMG_20190118_222203_169.jpg
    to get something that has a similar sound, but is demonstrably better, I had to go up to the $300 Grado 325e...the modded 9500s is that good.
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  14. alexzogh

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