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  1. PlantsmanTX
    I've had my eye on that particular sale for about a week and a half. When I first saw it, it said the sale would start something like 4/27. I don't remember the exact date now. When I looked again, the date was moved up to 5/1. I looked again yesterday, (4/30), and the sale was on. It said "2 Day Sale", with 12 hours left.
  2. phthora
    Mine is saying that the flash sale ends in 5 days. Weird. That's a long 'flash.' Regardless, the best plan is to decide quickly and act quickly. You never know how many units are available, which might make the sale duration moot anyway.
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  3. bronxers
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  4. Zachik
    Why?! You have just saved yourself $609 :wink:
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  5. PlantsmanTX
    True. I just looked at it, and it said 4 days, 9 hours.
  6. Cruelhand Luke
    I guess it's Beyerdynamic season because Frys has the DT990 pro for $109 after you put in the promo code 2288.
    It doesn't specify the ohm rating on the site, but the person that posted the deal on reddit got the 250 ohm version. EDIT I guess the DT990 Pro only comes in 250ohm, it's the "Edition" version that comes in multiple different ohm ratings.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  7. PlantsmanTX
    Hmm...at this point I'm thinking I'm more in the market for some closed-back headphones, but...
  8. gugman
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  9. mixman
    Darn if these were 770's or better yet a cheaper price for 1770's I would be all over this. Need closed more than open at this point.
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  10. speedwheels
    The DT-1350 have been at $80 before so this is not a price mistake.
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  11. Slater
  12. GearMe
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  13. speedwheels
    Beat me to it :) Yes. They are an upgrade from the usual fare of M50x etc.. But these are on-ear so keep that in mind
  14. trellus
    I didn’t see the < $100 prices for the DT-1350. The links posted here just took me to a generic landing page for the retailer and when I did my own manual search, I saw prices at $180ish.
  15. Ggroch
    They sold out both on site and on eBay quickly.

    My concern about a price error is because the $188 price you see on Fullcompass is for a used customer return pair. BUT, mine have already shipped, so apparently legit but a deal.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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