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  1. blackdragon87
  2. Cruelhand Luke
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  3. Ggroch
    Status Audio's new dual hybrid driver IEM's, the IEM-2X are on sale at Amazon in both colors for $29. Normal price is usually $49. Lowest they have been.

    I like mine a lot. Slight smile f/r. Very light, they fit me well. There are a lot of reviews from semi-pro youtube types out there.
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  4. Alcophone
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  5. Allanmarcus
    I believe Blinq is now the official sennheiser outlet.
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  6. kumar402
    they are reliable, you don't need to worry.
    I guess they have 30 days return policy as well.
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  7. nraymond
  8. wormsdriver
    Adorama has the Hifiman HE5se for $349
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  9. speedwheels
    Waiting for the HE560-V3 to drop below $200..
  10. PlantsmanTX
    Beyerdynamic DT 1350 Headphones $70.99-$73.99 Plus Shipping @ Full Compass Systems

    DT 1350, $70.99 plus $6.40 shipping

    DT 1350 CC, $73.99 plus $6.40 shipping

    The 1350 has a 1.5 meter straight cable, and the "CC" version has a 2.5 meter coiled cable. Unfortunately, both are non-removable. Apparently- "apparently" because I haven't been able to find out for sure- the "CC" also has more padding on the headband, and thicker earpads.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  11. Ggroch
    Another good Beyerdynamic Deal: Amiron Over ear for $350 through Buydig must use promo code TESLA during checkout to see the discount.

    I see full compass has the same DT-1350 prices through eBay...but quantities dropping fast.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  12. PlantsmanTX
    Thanks, Ggroch. The next lowest prices I saw for either version of the DT 1350 new were $216 shipped at Amazon, and $199.99 plus $15 shipping at Reverb.
  13. Ggroch
    Oddly, the same seller Full Compass is selling a used straight cable DT-1350 for $187. So hopefully this is not a price mistake thing.
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  14. phthora
    Philips SHP9500S for $70 (includes a free $10 giftcard and free shipping) at Newegg through a flash sale:

    Lots of hyperbole around the performance of these. While they are not the giant-killers they are often cited to be, they are sure as hell worth $70.
  15. PlantsmanTX

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