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  1. WNBC
    Read this on the Audio-gd homepage.
    http://www.audio-gd.com/En audio-gd.htm

    Chinese New Year promo has started

    Buy now, NFB-11.28 only USD299,

    Other products have 7.5% OFF.

    Two units combo purchase get more discount.

    We will on holiday between 28th. Jan and 11th. Feb.

    In the holiday , we can not arrange the shipping but we will reply email and accept order.
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  2. gemNeye
    Inner Sanctum Audio is having a 30% off sale using coupon code CLEARANCE at checkout. Demo units, Grado and Mr. Speakers products do not qualify for this discount. Some notable items listed below reflects final price after applying coupon code.

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro - $104.99 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/collections/over-ear-headphones-1/products/beyerdynamic-dt770-pro

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus (Black) - $139.99 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...s-1/products/beyerdynamic-custom-one-pro-plus

    Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro - $419.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/collections/over-ear-headphones-1/products/beyerdynamic-dt1770-pro

    Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro - $419.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...1/products/beyerdynamic-dt1990-pro-headphones

    Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd gen.) - $769.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c.../beyerdynamic-t1-second-generation-headphones

    Beyerdynamic T5P (2nd gen.) - $769.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...beyerdynamic-t5p-second-generation-headphones

    Beyerdynamic T51i - $174.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/collections/on-ear-headphones/products/beyerdynamic-t51-i

    Thinksound On1 - $104.99 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/collections/on-ear-headphones/products/thinksound-on1


    AudioQuest Dragonfly v1.5 - $34.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...ers/products/audioquest-dragonfly-1-2-dac-amp

    FiiO A3 - $34.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...11k-kilimanjaro2-portable-headphone-amplifier

    Audioengine D3 - $69.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...products/audioengine-d3-usb-dac-headphone-amp

    Centrance DACPORT HD - $125.99 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...alog-converters/products/centrance-dacport-hd

    Centrance DACPORTABLE - $244.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...ducts/centrance-dacportable-dac-headphone-amp

    iFi Audio Nano iDSD (Silver) - $132.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...ters/products/ifi-nano-idsd-dac-headphone-amp

    iFi Audio Micro iDSD (Silver) - $349.30 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...ers/products/ifi-micro-idsd-dac-headphone-amp

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus (White) - $139 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...ucts/copy-of-beyerdynamic-custom-one-pro-plus

    Mr. Speakers Ether (Open Back) - $900 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/collections/over-ear-headphones-1/products/mrspeakers-ether

    Grado RS2e - $395 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/collections/on-ear-headphones/products/grado-rs2e

    AudioQuest Dragonfly Black - $59 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c...ioquest-dragonfly-black-dac-and-headphone-amp

    Centrance HiFi M8 - $399.99 - https://www.innersanctumaudio.com/c.../centrance-hifi-m8-dac-amp?variant=1452175748
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  3. groucho69
  4. CactusPete23
    That's weird. It's not MY link... But When I use the link it goes direct to the Page for the Black Sony Dap... Wonder why you get sent to main page?

    FYI: Using Google Chrome, if that makes any difference with links.
  5. Slater
    Works for me on an iPhone.
  6. Pharmaboy
    Last time I checked there are 5 of 6 clones of the original ISK MDH9000 design. It's a terrific design. I own 2 of them now: a Marantz MPH-2; and an Akai Professional Project 50X that was extensively modded by @Slater (making it open & sounding even better than the already solid stock design). I owned 2 other clones and gave them to friends.

    That link leads to a price of $35.99, which is really excellent. A total no-brainer to recommend. ChiFi at its best.

    BTW, @Slater has posted here about this design's fragility in the thin metal band that connects the headband to each earcup. I've never encountered this problem in any of the 4 clones ... then again, I don't listen very often to any one headphone, so maybe just got lucky.
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  7. phthora
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2019
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  8. groucho69
    There can be but one explanation. Squirrels. How they got in my computer I'll never know.
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  9. slowpickr
    My original link was pasted using Opera which I'm guessing not many people use. So maybe that's the problem.

    Price has gone up to $399 now which should still be a good deal from what I have read about the ZX300 /300A.
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  10. gugman
    echoboxaudio.co new website address

    use "Welcome20" for 20% off your order
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  11. alexzogh
    Link Dream via Amazon offers the New Bee Headphones Stand in Black for $8.99. Clip the 5% off coupon on the product page and apply code "FX22RE6P" for a final price of $6.47. Deal ends January 31.



    No idea if it’s any good. Sure is cheap though. If you have amazon prime, this is free one day shipping.
  12. alexzogh
    Harmon Audio is having a “big game sale” on their website. Lots of things seem to be on sale.

    On of the more interesting deals is the JBL Reflect Aware headphones. Normally $199.00 on sale for $29.95 . These are active noise canceling headphones controllable via an iOS app. Don’t own them, so can’t say if they are any good. Do note, it’s not a 3.5 plug, but a lightning connection, so apple lovers only.


    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
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  13. alexzogh
    Newegg has a flash deal for the KEF Porsche Design SPACE ONE Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones. Normally $419.99 on sale for $97.99


    No idea if they are any good, although they look nice.

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  14. CoFire
    I picked these up about a month and they are keepers for my purpose. The sound quality I'm told resembles the KEF M500, but per my experience have a lush midrange with good punch in the lower registers. They sound great with or without ANC on and this is a huge advantage! A couple friends who heard them all signed up for subsequent Newegg Flash Deals. They are older with cables which doesn't bother me. ANC is not as stellar as the QC25, QC35 or Sony 1000X offerings but for just under a Benjamin and for monthly flight duty, I think they'll more than suffice. The biggest issue is that they are technically on ear and though I find the pads plush and comfortable, if you get irritated by on ears for comfort, might be best to avoid them.

    Another Headfier rec'd these and I'm glad I took the leap. Oh, and they come with a nice travel case and are fairly compact.

    Edit: fixed typos
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  15. Slater
    Thank you x10 for your feedback, which just helped me decide whether or not to get them. :)
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