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  1. cobrabucket
    I just snagged a pair. Thanks! The deal sold out quickly.Can these fit on HE 400i or Monoprice Modern Retros? Also, I have Argon Mk3's w/ protein leather. Would this fit or be considered an upgrade? It just seemed like too good of a deal to pass up...
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019
  2. nereus
    Probably a downgrade on the Argons. If like the Mr. Speakers Alphas (also a T50RP Mod) they need to have the deep pads. Swapping them to the brainwavz will make it shallower and you'll lose bass and soundstage.
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  3. cobrabucket
  4. Slater
    What about the angled Brainwavz? Those are much deeper.
  5. cobrabucket
    I feel bad. I bought these things on impulse. And it looks like it won't really be a good fit for any of my headphones. I was thinking that they could at least fit the Retros, but it seems like I got the XL [round version] previously. I'm guessing it would not work to try and stretch to make them fit? I'm dumb. It might could fit my 6XX, but the pads on those are good as is.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019
  6. nereus
    Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they won't fit the 6XX, they have a different mounting style. But also, pad changes on the Sennheiser 600/650/6XX/660S never sound good. The Angled brainwavz are still nowhere near as deep as Alpha pads. Don't stress though, there are plenty of headphones out there that do fit them. I’m sure one day you’ll come across a cheap pair of headphones that need a pad change and you’ll already have a nice set of pads ready to go.
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  7. cobrabucket
    Will they fit the 400i? I know that the pads that came with the are angled, but I am thinking this could work... Sorry. I know this is a deal thread, but I figure discussing it here would make most sense as people can actually know which pads I'm talking about.
  8. Slater
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
  9. GearMe
    Got them yesterday...initial impression is very good -- should be! :wink:

    They'll being stealing time from HD800 and T1. Clear is more balanced and works well across genres.

    Thanks again!
  10. antdroid
    No. The brainwavz xl pads are larger than the hifiman cups. Also you would need an adapter. They are more better sized for audeze. They are also larger than akg cups too. I'm not sure why they advertise it like that. They will fit but they will also look goofy as their diameter is larger than the hifiman and akg

    The oval pads may fit your argon though
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
  11. nraymond
    Diameter of HE-400i cup is approx. 103mm, while the Brainwavz XL pad is 110mm. I used them on an aftermarket adapter for a while, there was not much overhang and they looked good. Very comfortable too, but I wanted more sub-bass and that wasn't possible with such a soft pad, so I'm using these now:


    The memory foam in those is very dense, so a bit less comfy, but there is good sub-bass. Affordable at $25 for sheepskin leather earpads, too (and there's a 5% off coupon right now you can apply on Amazon). Note that the NewFantasia pads have the earpads securely (permanently I think) attached to the mounting rings, unlike some other aftermarket Hifiman pads which just have a more off-the-shelf earpad on a mounting ring which can be separated.
  12. Lurk650
    The Sheepskin Round pads fit the 400i. You need to buy the adapter ring from HiFiman or destroy your stock pads getting the ring out. I used to have the pads on my old 400i, increases bass but also increases the seal so at times the Planar magnet flexes. It's weird.
  13. antdroid
    Yeah the overhang bothers me heh. I recommend the Dekoni Elite Hybrid pads myself. They cost more but are worth it.
  14. Joeyjoe26
    Can we stick to deals please?

    Maybe another thread to discuss these pads if possible, thanks
  15. phthora
    Macaw GT600s hybrid IEMs for $40 down from $100 at Massdrop:

    These have solid metal housings, tuning nozzles, and rich, warm sound. I got mine for $65 a while back and have been very pleased with these tubey-sounding IEMs. They do require a little bit of power (something other than a phone) to sound their best.

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