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  1. Elyfantman
    Is it the same dimensions as the Woo stand?
  2. antdroid
    Nice. I just got the Silverstone one which can be used in self defense and other things. This one looks nice but it's 1/3 the weight of the Woo and Silverstone ones. Probably not a huge deal as what you said, it's well over engineered.

    I may get one of these anyway. Thanks
  3. Blueshound24
    It is similar, however, it is non adjustable but that doesn't bother me because there is still plenty of room for the cable to hang down. The top of the Woo is 3.5" wide and the "Solid Base" top is 1.5" wide, so there is a little less real estate for the head band to ride on, but I think it is plenty enough.


    Here is comparison between the 3.5" top of the Woo and 1.5" on the Solid Base. There is a pretty big difference, but I think most stands are more similar to the latter's 1.5". But for a difference of $75 I can live with it. :beyersmile:


    EDIT: Compo pic added
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  4. antdroid
    Thanks for this great comparison! Does the lighterweight of the base make it wobble around when removing and placing headphones back on? That's what I really dislilke the most of the stands I had before I got more premium stands. I also prefer the wider headband hangar, but not a huge deal. My Focals are on my Silverstone one now, but would like another dual hangar for my HE560/HD58X. Currently using those on the Luxa2 stands which I do like except they have a flat hangar portion which leaves imprints.
  5. Blueshound24
    Suprisingly it is nearly as stable as the Woo in that regard. I don't think you would have anything to worry about.
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  6. antdroid
    Thanks. Ordered! I am now apparently a headphone stand collector (I have 2X more headphone stands than I do headphones).
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  7. blackdragon87
    thanks for this. been looking to acquire a similiar hp stand as this one for myself as well
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  8. gemNeye
    Just an FYI. Periodic Audio founder Dan Wiggins confirmed to me that open box items from authorized dealers (Worldwide Stereo is an authorized dealer) still qualify for the full 5 year warranty.
  9. gemNeye
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  10. Slater
    Through 1/31 Amazon orders have no minimum to qualify for free shipping.

    This is obviously for those that don’t have Prime.

    I normally hold small misc items in my cart until I qualify for the free shipping minimum. So this is a welcome deal (for me anyways).
  11. bflat
    So I got the PNY mSD Card I linked a couple pages back. Like the Kingston mSD card, it appears it's really a 500 GB card. Given the fact that Kingston is $50 less and faster write speeds, I would not get the PNY.
  12. Slater
    I can’t wait for the 512GB cards to come down. I’d love to have 1TB of storage in my xduoo X3!
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  13. dewy22
  14. CoFire
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  15. boblauer
    Grabbed a pair of the Brainwavz pads too, Thanks!

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