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  1. talan7
    I wish Shure would come out with an update or new flagship iem just above the 846, say a 957 with 5 balanced armatures or 968 with 6 balanced armatures. i had the 846 and sold it. I liked it but its treble wasn't my favorite. I like a lot of air and soundstage.
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  2. feline
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  3. Ggroch
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  4. blackdragon87
  5. Lurk650
    At that price point the Shanling M0 is a much better value IMO
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  6. blackdragon87
    thx for the suggestion. ill look into the shanling as well
  7. gemNeye
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  8. gemNeye
    Heck of a deal. Typically goes for $800 - $900.

    Teac AI503S (Silver) @ Amazon -- $553.86 -- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072WBC9H3

    Product description: The AI-503 is an integrated amp and USB DAC that supports inputs up to 11.2MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM. The DAC/preamp, which is the heart of the unit, follows the same design concept of our UD-503 and adopts a dual-mono circuit design that is fully balanced. Separate VERITA AK4490 D/A converters - made by Asahi Kasei Micro devices Corporation - are used for the left and right channels. In addition to a USB digital input (for Windows/Mac computers), optical/coaxial digital input and RCA analog input, we have also enabled high-resolution wireless audio listening by including a LDAC-compatible Bluetooth receiver. Furthermore, with a combined 3.5mm optical digital/stereo mini jack on the front panel, the unit supports wired, as well as wireless, input from DAPs.
  9. phthora
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
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  10. bronxers
    Just FYI, the Clear Pro is still available from Adorama for $999 -- see link a couple pages back.
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  11. phthora
    Great deal! People interested should note that there is a tuning difference between the Clear and the Clear Pro and that the latter does not come with a balanced cable. That was a deal-breaker for me, but may appeal to others. Here's a good post on that topic:

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  12. boxster233
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  13. mysticstryk
    Not sure if that focal person just didn't know what they were talking about, but the only difference between the regular and pro is aesthetics and accessories included. We've even had confirmation from other focal employees that they sound the same.
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  14. baiyy1986
    Focal clear and focal clear pro should sound the same.
    One thing I noticed when I purchase my clear pro form Adorama is when I register my clear pro, Adorama does not show on the dealer list.
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  15. CoFire
    KEF Porsche Design SPACE ONE Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

    40mm drivers tuned by KEF engineers, together with a large 20mm neodymium magnet and lightweight CCAW voice coil deliver crisp high tones, rich midrange and tight bass.Soft, sweat resistant, padded leatherette band and ear cups make listening to music comfortable even over long journeys.The aluminium band clamps gently and securely around the ears to create a solid seal for improved acoustic isolation.Active Noise Cancellation can be switched on and off as needed, so that in situations where you need to hear your surroundings you can.Fully charged, the AAA battery lasts for up to 50 hours of playtime with active cancellation turned on. $419.99, 77% OFF at $97.99


    These are the wired version. I picked them up last month for $99 and I really like the sound. They sound great, arguably better without battery or ANC activated so they are legit headphones IMO. Some say similar to the KEF M500. I have Q150's and I feel these present mids similarly. Highly recommended for great sounding ANC headphones.

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