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  1. Terco
    Ha! I just got my package today from the past drop.
  2. phthora
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  3. dosley01
  4. phthora
    If you've found a better price, post it.
  5. dosley01
    The first rule of fight club is don't talk about fight club. But seriously, authorized Shure dealers aren't really allowed to post lower prices.

    Buying them at a discount actually takes some work. God forbid some one actually picks up the phone these days. Call around to any of the Pro-Audio Shure dealers and you should have no problem getting them for around $700.
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  6. baiyy1986
    My brother, sadly not a lot of us has Shure dealer around :frowning2:
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  7. Ggroch
    I am grateful for any deals posted..so thankyou phthora for the Shure SE845 post.

    However, I think dosley01 was trying to help.

    Shure in the U.S. has Minimum Advertised Prices that authorized dealers are strongly encouraged to meet. That's currently $999 on the SE845 I think. They have far more leeway in providing better prices in individual quotes. I do not know if dosley01's $700 price is realistic, but if so, (and he says it is) then its well worth a phone call to find out. Not only is the price better, but you get a legit factory warranty. Even if you are not close to one, most dealers will ship IEMs to you at a very low cost. Shure authorized U.S. Dealers here.
  8. dosley01
    I was just trying to point people in the right direction without getting anyone in trouble. As of right now, the $700 price is doable. :beerchug:
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  9. talan7
  10. phthora
    The first two look sketchy and the third is a demo unit. Has anyone ordered from these vendors? e-Infinity has a lot of stuff cheap, but I can't get a read on their reliability.
  11. Dobrescu George
  12. bflat
    I think this is relevant to the deals thread so here goes:

    Some of the younger Head-fi members may not have had the experience of shopping at your local specialty shops. These are generally single stores that are family run with a few other employees. Before the internet, you put some cash in your pocket and drove to these stores. The protocol goes something like this:
    • Use the store owners expert knowledge to help you select a couple brands and models of what you want at your established budget
    • Thoroughly try out each one
    • Ask any question you think is relevant to your decision
    • Narrow your choices to the "fits your budget" one and the "better, but more expensive" one
    • Ask the owner what the best they can do for the "better" one.
    • If you are too far apart on the "better" one, then ask for a good deal on the "budget" one
    • Make sure you cover all discount options - pay in cash, quantity, bundles, etc.
    • Buy whatever you feel is right
    • Ask if you can tell friends and family about the great deal you got.
    • Shake hands and enjoy your new purchase
    A lot of this is still in play with internet. You only have to use phone or email for a similar experience. I think there is a new hifi service called DOMO Audio that even does this for you.
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  13. Dobrescu George
    Your walktrhough reminds me of when I first purchased my FiiO X5 years ago :)
  14. Slater
    Too many people nowadays think “it’s on Amazon, so it’s the best deal”. That’s the furthest thing from the truth in many cases.

    Like you said, walking into a family run brick and mortar store ready to deal with cash in hand was true power before the e-commerce era. It still is in a lot of ways.
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  15. talan7
    I have lots of experience buying demo units from various sites. I haven't been burnt yet. Use PayPal a much as possible.
    The specialty shops will work with you. Check out sites like Sweetwater as well. If you get on the phone with these types of shops, you can get a better price usually.
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