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  1. Ggroch
    Note that this same vendor sells REFURBISHED 535's for $280.... So it is likely a mistaken price or a bad description. They sell so few headphones they are certainly not a dealer. I would certainly email the seller (either before or after buying depending on how anxious you are :wink:
  2. leeperry
  3. gemNeye
    That's good advice too. I came across this deal last night but I debated with myself about posting it due to these reasons you've suggested. They had 15 in stock when I first discovered it last night. As of this posting, they now have 12 in stock. So the price must be legit because they've sold 3 at the $199.99 price since I first discovered it.

    But yes, if you can get a hold of the seller and inquire more about this listing, then that's probably a wise decision too. Like I said, worst case scenario, you can take the risk and a $30 hit if it turns out to be a fake. Or as @Slater suggested, take it up with your PayPal, credit card provider to dispute the restocking fee if indeed they're counterfeit.
  4. Slater
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  5. Lurk650
    The Senn's go for $35 on Amazon, the price of $15-20 from China doesn't scream fake to me. There's even some on Ebay for $14.
  6. phthora
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  7. jim723
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  8. fljoe
  9. Terco
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  10. gemNeye
    Fiio amp + dap bundle deals @ Buydig using coupon code HEAR

    Fiio A3 amp + Fiio M7 dap = $189.99 -- https://www.buydig.com/shop/product...r-with-A3-Portable-Headphone-Amplifier-Silver
    Fiio A3 amp + Fiio X5iii dap = $279 -- https://www.buydig.com/shop/product...less-Music-Player-Black-w-A3-Amplifier-Bundle

    You can get the same A3 + X5iii bundle for cheaper @ Rakuten with a 15% off code SAVE15

    Fiio A3 amp + Fiio X5iii dap = $254.15 -- https://www.rakuten.com/shop/beach-camera/product/E5FIIOX5III/

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
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  11. Pharmaboy
    IMO this is the downside of all that ease & apparent transparency in online ordering of everything. Sure it's fast and comes right to your house or apt...but we now have multiple 3rd party sellers of unknown reputation hiding behind marquee website brands.

    Sometimes I feel more secure buying something used from a seller I don't know, but can check out via reputable feedback; than from a 3rd party seller who won't be there when I come back for problem resolution.
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  12. Goosemama
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  13. gemNeye
    Just a reminder that this sale expires tonight.
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  14. bflat
    Anyone remember when Amazon has their warehouse sale? I assume it's sometime after the holidays with all the returns.
  15. phthora
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