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  1. gemNeye
    Coupon code no longer available.
  2. Ggroch
    B&H has a 5 hour flash sale on the JBL Everest 710GA wireless over ear sealed cans for $99. This is the new touch to Google Assist version. One of JBL's most comfortable and best sounding I think. Reviews have been good. Not active noise cancelling.
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  3. kgingher
    My thoughts exactly !
  4. eeagle
    Reminder to prior buydig.com customers they sent a targeted $20 off $30 or more coupon on Dec 11 good for a one time purchase til 30Jan2019 check your email.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
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  5. LazyListener
  6. gemNeye
  7. gemNeye
  8. Ken G
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  9. gemNeye
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  10. Buddhahacker
    Hope there are enough for the rest of us!
  11. bigbenrfan99
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  12. JabenZ
    I thought it is a good deal till I check it on Taobao. Apparently, this is a common price for Z7M2 in China.
  13. alexzogh
    At this price, still too expensive. I bought them as they were going down in price (~100) Very low quality parts, muddy sound. It’s almost like someone at Hifiman had a bet on how much they could charge for inferior headphones. Eventually we figured it out. They were so bad, I won’t even consider the brand any longer.

    The QKZ DM6 headphones at less then $7 are superior in every way. They dipped below $5 on 11/11
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  14. Allanmarcus
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  15. nraymond
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