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  1. LazyListener
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  2. phthora
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  3. GearMe
    Yeah..agreed; pretty sure I got mine for $99 anyway.
  4. LazyListener
    Are you asking me or telling me? They're a good deal in the sense that they're about $40-50 lower than what they're usually priced at. Every can is different, so not sure comparing them with others that are different, justifies whether they're a good deal or not.
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  5. phthora
    First of all, thanks for posting the deal. It's a substantial discount and I think everyone appreciates the opportunity to figure out for themselves whether these headphones are worth the cost. As you said, every headphone is different, so it's not easy to say one thing is an upgrade over another. People have different requirements, after all. I just meant to suggest that if someone is considering the 598, they should also seriously consider going up a few bucks to the 58X or the 6XX, which each represent a tremendous value. However, I also think the 598 has failed to keep up with the way that Sennheisers are priced these days and would be more appropriately priced at a hundred bucks permanently.
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  6. money4me247 Contributor
  7. speedwheels
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  8. gugman
    if 450$ is a good price for Opus #3 then you could head to massdrop and have it !

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  9. speedwheels
  10. wormsdriver
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  11. Blueshound24
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  12. LazyListener
    I agree the Massdrop cans represent a great value, no doubt. However, it's hard to compare Massdrop pricing with regular retail or street pricing. Maybe if Massdrop had an HD 598 based can, then it could and would cost $100 permanently. The Massdrop HD 6XX is $200 permanently, but the HD 650 it's based on is not - still well above $300 street price.
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  13. phthora
    The Massdrop prices on the 6XX and 58X are regular prices. There are not even drops anymore, unlike most of MD's merchandise; you buy them and they ship immediately, like any other store. So, the price of those two headphones is very relevant to whether or not the 598 'deal' deserves the name. Likewise, one might consider an M50X which can generally be had for $150 or the AudioTechnica ATH-700X which can be had for $100. Anything in the price range can and should be considered as relevant to determining the quality of this deal. We are, after all, trying to figure out how much one gets for the money and trying to maximize a return.

    A discounted price does not necessarily mean that it is a deal, just like MSRP does not mean that is what one has to pay. Ultimately and IMO, the 598 is overpriced at $200, and not really very competitive at $130.
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  14. HiGHFLYiN9
    Pthora I agree on most of your points (and they are intelligent and justified) but LazyListener is using this thread as intended and posting audio gear that is discounted from MSRP. It is up to the reader to decide what construes a worthwhile discount or not (and the average headfier is pretty capable). Most of us get email subscription updates for this thread, and this is probably not the greatest venue for back-and-forth discussions regarding subjective opinions. Thanks very much fellows, much appreciated, and please don't take any offense as there is none intended.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
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  15. Terco
    Musicteck still have some good prices from BF like the Hiby R3 $199 and the Cayin N5ii w/ free case for $269 and some open boxes.

    Sorry I'm from my phone


    P.S that Opus #1 Metal for $319, I don't need another one :disappointed_relieved::persevere:

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