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  1. kennylim
  2. randytsuch
  3. Elyfantman
    Should be right below the price.
  4. baiyy1986
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  5. randytsuch
    I'm one of the few people without prime I guess, so I don't see the coupon :/

    NVM, I'm an idiot I guess, I just clipped the coupon and got the discounted price :)
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2018
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  6. Lurk650
    Good choice on the ES100. DAPs are pretty much irrelevant to me now bc of it.
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  7. randytsuch
    Curious now to see how it sounds.
    I had just decided I wanted to upgrade my work setup, and came here this morning and saw the post about the sale price, so pulled the trigger.

    It has to be better than the cheapo bluetooth adapter I'm using now.

  8. DreMag
    I use the ES100 with my Noble K10 customs through a balanced cable. I have to say it's a glorious portable and work setup.
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  9. Blueshound24
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  10. Blueshound24
    I have considered the ES100 or btr3. Not sure which would be best.
  11. Lurk650
    Sound wise, from what others have said they are pretty much the same. ES100 has the advantage of the app to tweak the settings and EQ, Fiio hasn't released theirs yet. Also, ES100 has a balanced out if you are into balanced cables (like I am). BTR3 has the better build quality though. I've been considering getting the BTR3 for gym use.
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  12. Ggroch
    I own both and really like both. What Lurk650 says is right. but rather than try to answer from a couple of random guys like us in a few posts why not answer in lots of posts!

    Head-fi ES100 Thread

    Fiio BTR3 Thread
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  13. Alcophone
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  14. raccoon city
    The Marantz MPH-2 is back on sale on eBay for $38.75
    Do a search for the lowest price on the bay. :)
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  15. gemNeye

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