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  1. barondla
    Also no Koss ESP/950 electrostat headphone deal this year. Guess the Massdrop ESP95x squelched that.
  2. ruthieandjohn
    I ordered these on about October 11, a day or so after they appeared. I was given a 1-to-2 month delivery date, and while the words said SR60i, the picture was of an SR60e.

    A few weeks later, the delivery date was updated to Dec. 17, a bit more than 2 months after the order.

    A couple of weeks after that, the delivery date remained at Dec. 17, but the order photo changed to some sort of Apple Lightening connector splitter...
    Now, about 15 minutes ago, I received an email from Amazon stating, “Due to lack of availability, we will be unable to obtain this item that you ordered.”

    And so ends the mysterious saga of the Grado SR60i headphone deal.
  3. r2muchstuff

    I received the same message around 8AM.
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  4. Lurk650
    hopefully the seller is banned from Amazon now
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  5. Slater
  6. Lurk650
    Looked on Amazon now, seller has them on sale now for $100. One is directly through them and other is fullfilled through Amazon.

    I would definitely contact Amazon and let them know of the misleading advertising. The store overall is only 75%. Wouldn't buy from them.
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  7. Th3Drizzl3
    i also ordered them and they were shipped and sold by amazon not a third party seller. i also got the email to cancel them today
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  8. Alcophone
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  9. Ghisy

    Just a heads up guys: when an item on Amazon is available "within 1 to 2 months", it won't ship and will be cancelled like 90% of the time.

    They should just change their wording to "not available" because their current way of doing things is misleading.
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  10. Slater
    Yeah, but then they can’t hold your money for a short period of time and earn free ‘micro interest’ from investments.
  11. KG Jag
    Nope--not unless they have some scam relating to accounts receivable with a fourth party lender. No payment on Amazon until the product ships--or at least until the seller says it shipped.
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  12. Slater
    Ah, I didn’t know you aren’t charged unless it ships. Nice!
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  13. waveriderhawaii
    Starts soon!! Read the web page for all terms.


    This Coupon is a 25% discount, valid from 8:00 AM PT on November 29, 2018 until 11:59 PM PT on December 1, 2018. No minimum purchase required. Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of eligible item(s) on ebay.com. Eligible items are items with a 25% discount coupon available through the offer code PSAVE25 displayed at checkout. The discount will be applied to eligible item(s) only and will be capped at a value of $25. Eligible items exclude warranties and protection plans.

    How to redeem your Coupon:
    1. Eligible items will have the coupon code PSAVE25 displayed on the checkout page.
    2. Pay for your item by 11:59 PM PT on December 1, 2018.
    3. Check the box next to PSAVE25 or enter the Coupon code in the redemption code field: PSAVE25
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  14. talan7
    Just a $25 off coupon. Only under $100 would you receive 25%. I was hoping for more, but I’ll take it.
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  15. blackdragon87
    interested in that ebay deal , too bad us only
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