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  1. gugman
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  2. Tedk345
    Anyone know of any Sennheiser HD600 deals?
  3. speedwheels
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  4. Lurk650
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  5. Blueshound24
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  6. Blueshound24
    In fact, they have other sales as well...

    View this email in your browser.
    PSB Headphones

    Free Shipping on Orders Over $35

    Don't wait a minute longer to enjoy holiday savings on a great pair of audiophile 'phones from PSB. Save up to $99 on select PSB headphones and enjoy smooth, detailed, and dynamic sound.
    PSB M4U 2 High-Performance Headphone
    – Save $49

    PSB has years of expertise crafting amazing loudspeakers. And now Paul Barton and his crew bring their finesse to the company's first ever pair of headphone with the M4U 2. And they're not just excellent sounding audiophile headphones. They include active noise canceling circuitry to help block out annoying background sounds and let you get closer to the music.

    The M4 U2 has been racking up the prestigious honors. It won a "Product of the Year Runner Up" Award from Stereophile in the magazine's December 2014 issue.

    Sound&Vision magazine honored the M4U 2 with "Product of the Year" honors. "The M4U 2 reminded me a lot of PSB's regular speakers – it sounded super-smooth, yet extremely detailed. They were extremely comfortable, too," marvels Brent Butterworth.
    Audiophile Noise-Cancelling
    If the words 'audiophile' and 'noise canceling' seem to be at odds with one another, Gene DellaSala at Audioholics.com had similar reservations. But they lasted only until he tried the M4U 2 at the CEDIA trade show. "I never heard a pair of noise-cancelling headphones I could live with until I heard the PSBs. The headphones had plenty of rich bass and they did a bang up job of cutting down show noise floor while still remaining musical."
    Great Sound in Passive Mode, Too
    A pair of AAA batteries runs the noise cancellation circuitry and built-in amplification, but you don't need batteries to enjoy the great sonics. They work splendidly in passive mode without batteries. "Designer and founder of PSB Paul Barton voiced these headphones himself, and they have the trademarks of his speakers: accuracy and great listenability," notes Geoffrey Morrison in his September 9, 2011 review for CNET.com.
    Despite the batteries and circuitry, these phones are surprisingly lightweight and a pleasure to wear. The 'Gyro-suspended' ear pads and unique shape of the earcups make them extremely comfortable. You can plug the cord into either earcup for an added dose of convenience. The foldable frame makes them easy to pack up and take with you. They come with a semi-hard travel case, too.

    The 1.5M tangle-free cord is terminated in a mini-plug. A 1/4" adapter is included for use with 'full-size' components.
    Choose Arctic White or Black Diamond Finish
    Regular $299.00, On Sale $249.99

    Shop Now »
    PSB M4U 1 High-Performance Headphone
    – Save $49

    PSB gets up close and personal with hi-fi with its M4U 1 headphones. PSB took its 40 years of sonic expertise designing loudspeakers and packed it into the exciting new Music for You (M4U) series of high performance headphones. They combine comfort and style with PSB's true-to-nature sound quality.

    The latest M4U addition is the M4U 1 over-ear headphone, which offers PSB exclusive Room Feel™ technology. The M4U 1 provides the same musicality as the award-winning M4U 2 headphones, but without their amplification or Active Noise Cancelling circuitry.
    “Well worth the price,” reports our customer Kevin M.* from North Carolina. “The PSB M4U 1 offers good value and excellent design. The construction if very high quality, and overall it delivers way more than you expect to get at such an affordable price.”
    Choose Arctic White, Black Diamond, or Monza Red Finish
    Regular $229.00, On Sale $179.99

    Shop Now »
    PSB M4U 4 High-Performance Earbud Headphone – Save $99
    With the M4U 4's scientifically developed RoomFeel technology, you will be amazed that these in-ear monitors allow you to experience the sound of high performance speakers in a perfect listening room wherever you go. The M4U 4 features a two-way Hybrid Dual-Driver System of dynamic and balanced armature drivers for true hi-fi listening.

    "The PSBs’ mids and treble are so uncolored, and their bass so precise, that I have to think that the M4U 4s will be the go-to earphones for me", said SoundStage! HiFi writer, Brent Butterworth.
    Choose Arctic White or Black Diamond Finish
    Regular $249.00, On Sale $149.99

    Shop Now »
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  7. LazyListener
    Disappointing BF deals this year, IMO, mostly because no great deals on Sennheiser over-ear cans, especially 5 and 6 series. BFs in recent years had some good deals on them.
    Casuist likes this.
  8. Casuist
    True. Wished to get Audeze SINE for $200 like they was in previous two years.
  9. Lurk650
    LOL @ that stock photo of "Kevin M" and his generic review
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  10. Philimon
    You mean better than their current massdrop prices of 6XX $200 and 58X for $150?

    The HE560v2 at $250 seemed like a killer deal. I think Audeze LCD2C and especially EL8 had good deals. The dubious mitchell and johnson mj2 was on sale for $99. Those were headphones I was interested in and was happy with the sale prices.
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  11. D3soLaT3
    Found my new profile pic.
  12. Lurk650
    WOW! Kevin himself is on HF! :hushed:
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  13. HiGHFLYiN9
    You look like a man I could be best friends with.

  14. LazyListener
    Well, the massdrop prices on Senns aren't really "deals" since those prices are the regular prices now and year round. I was hoping HD 650, HD 600, HD 599, and HD 598 SR would've seen some BF discounts, but sadly, nothing.

    Glad you found some deals you liked. Every year has some deals, but IMO, this BF season hasn't been as good or widespread as recent years.
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  15. phthora
    Agreed. I was hoping to see a new 660s around $350. No luck.

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