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  1. Carlsan
  2. Carlsan
    It's a killer deal on both. A used W900 usually goes for around $900 on the for sale forum's. The W500 are a great bass head iem if you like your bottom end with good thickness and solid attack. I have both and recommend both as they do have different signatures.
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  3. alpha421
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  4. LikeABell
    An absolute steal at that price. Especially so if you already have a nice tube amp.
  5. Ggroch
    A few interesting sale weekend deals:

    - Massdrop has about a dozen models reduced for CyberMonday including AKG 7XX red for $170. Just go to their front page to see the list.

    - Brainwavz has just released their 1st Full Sized Planars the Alara introductory priced at $550 (reg $600...this is reduced from the orig announced retail of $700) The choice of name is interesting...they wanted to beat Hifiman to it I guess. The new HM-100 (HM-5 Woodies) are $150 and everything else is at least 20% off today.

    - Aiwa's Arc-1 Bluetooth Over Ears have gotten some buzz (not here..in the mainstream press) and are always $200. Meh.com has Factory Refurbs for $135 shipped....with all the accessories and the same 3 year warranty as new.

    - UPDATE: Rakuten is reprising their Black Friday 20% off coupon deal with basically the same deal Monday: Coupon Code CYBER20, limited to a single item from a single dealer and $60 max discount. This has now been confirmed (Thanks Mr. Pretty). Rakuten carries mostly mainstream lines but may be the cheapest place with the code for Monoprice, Audio Technica and the like. Also a few esoteric brands like Burson from Audiolab.

    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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  6. cocolinho
    no deal on Ebay? I have something in my cart so if I can save 15% I would be happy :)
  7. MrPretty
    This code is currently working for me.
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  8. D3soLaT3
    Hidizs is having their Cyber Monday Sale.

    40% off Everything is advertised.

    Some notable equipment:
    • AP60 Pro $77.40
    • Seeds Earphones $53.40
    Check the link for more https://www.hidizs.net/
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  9. showme99
    Last day for the Astell and Kern sale. Plus, you can get an extra 5% off if you sign up for their newsletter:

    Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon $299.95 at Music Direct

    Acoustic Research AR-H1 planar magnetic headphones:

    $299 at Music Direct: https://www.musicdirect.com/headphones/Acoustic-Research-AR-H1-Hi-Res-Planar-Headphones

    $249.99 on Massdrop:

    Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 headphones $99.99 on Massdrop:
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  10. Ggroch
    The Acoustic Research M200 DAP on Massdrop w/Bluetooth aptx-HD is also interesting at $150 (supposed $400 list). Not sure how it compares to the XDP-30R Pioneer.

    I think both the DAP and Headphones are in stock....so only slow shipping....not extremely slow shipping.
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  11. Otto Motor
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  12. Alcophone
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  13. Carlsan
    The Pioneer has the better sound chips.
  14. illyria
    Any deals for cables?

    Wanting to get a new one for my he500.
  15. Raketen
    As shared by someone on the dedicated thread - 64 gig version ZX300 is only 380 pounds on amazon.uk- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-NWZX300S-CEW-Hi-Resolution-3-1-inch-Playback/dp/B074X38ZKC/

    Just an update if anyone else grabbed Clear Pro's at the higher price the day before, sent a customer service request and Adorama did issue store credit for the difference- fair enough, I think.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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