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  1. HiGHFLYiN9
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  2. HiGHFLYiN9
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  3. dweaver
    New deal for Canadians, Long and Mcquade have the Fender FXA2 on sale for $139. Always wanted to try one of the Fender models since they were released. Best price I have seen for this model by far.

    Sound wise this is a bassier IEM, with liquid mids, and relaxed yet fairly detailed treble at least out of the box anyway. Mids do carry pretty good emotion and detail. Sound stage is bigger than average and has pretty decent depth and width.

    Used MMCX so can have cables swapped. The default cable is a typical twisted pair audio only cable. Comes with the funky Aurisonic tips plus some traditional silicone type tips. Using the Aurisonic tips at the moment and they are super comfy and super isolating.
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  4. BananaOoyoo
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  5. speedwheels
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  6. zilch0md
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  7. kenchar
    AKG N5005

    Net $ 667.41 ($785.18 - $117.77 Rebate Back To Your Card. ( 5% regular rebate plus 10% for AKG Headphones)

    Bit of a convoluted deal. To get this price you will need to have an Amazon Prime Store Card or Credit Card.

    Holders of the Amazon Prime Credit or Store Card will get %15 back on the amount charged for AKG headphone products.

    Could be a great deal if you live in a state that Amazon doesn't charge taxes in.

    Best price I have seen was from Razordog Audio at $695.00 for "Open Box". (Currently $728.00) Might be worth a message to Razordog to see if a price match is possible if you don't want to buy form Amazon.

    (This promo is said to end Dec 27th.)
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  8. Lurk650
    Lol RazorDog had it for $698, open box never used yesterday. I bought it. They messaged me today and said before shipping they found a flaw in it and instead are sending me a completely BNIB pair instead. Ships next week though. Another member put in an offer on eBay yesterday and got it for $660. N5005 deals are out there!
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  9. gemNeye
    FYI, $79 @ Adorama for the FXA2. My understanding is Adorama does not charge duty fees to Canada. Not sure if that's changed recently or not, but it can't hurt to double check though.

    Black - https://www.adorama.com/fe6882000001.html?EmailPrice=T
    Blue - https://www.adorama.com/fe6882000000.html?EmailPrice=T
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  10. dweaver
    Good price. About $105CAD, unfortunately customs may still add duty though and shipping costs to Canada may make the price difference negligable plus warranty challenges.

    Great price for the US though! The FXA2 is worth it for sure.
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  11. alexzogh

    Woo Audio started their Black Friday Sale.... a week early. :>
  12. alpha421
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  13. phthora
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  14. Terco
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  15. raccoon city
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