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  1. alpha421
    Sorry for my post. It was intended to to share any and most pitfalls with deals from any over seas merchant where these deals have trade offs such as long or really long shipping, and warranty/return hurdles and cost.
    Any hoot, here's my redemption with a kind-of-a-deal for a BT wireless headset for all you runners and pumping iron guys/gals:
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  2. Pharmaboy
    Ipso Facto II: all generalizations arise from something extremely specific
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  3. groucho69
    Specifically general
  4. Ggroch
    Amazon just sent me an order update...should arrive Nov. 14 to Dec 17.
    WHAT will arrive is my question.

    A couple of nice Onkyo stereo with headphone jack amp deals on NewEgg.
    Quite good deals only if you purchase enough from them to use the Gift Cards.

    Onkyo A-9150 Stereo Integrated amp with coaxial/optical DAC and MM/MC Phono: $500 with free $175 NewEgg Giftcard towards future purchase. Currently $444 on Amazon... $400 lowest ever.

    Onkyo TX-8270 Stereo Network Receiver with coaxial/optical DAC, MM Phono, AND Excellent Streaming Support: Chomecast, AirPlay, and Play-fi Built In (so pretty much all streaming services), 4K HDMI (unusual for stereo receiver) and Bluetooth $500 with free $150 NewEgg Giftcard. Currently $430 on Amazon (also lowest price). I have a Pioneer receiver with similar Streaming...it is quite impressive, newest firmware adds Amazon Music and Sonos Connect).
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  5. trellus
    Sony MDR-1AM2/B Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones MDR-1AM2 (Certified Refurbished) for $129.99
    from seller "Secondipity" on Amazon, with Prime shipping

    I ordered one of these yesterday, was last in stock at the time, now there are a couple more in stock so I'm sharing now :D

    P.S., can't vouch yet for this Amazon seller, but since I put my money on this, I figured I'd share the deal now and let you make an informed choice either way! :)

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
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  6. Ggroch
    I purchased this same phone from the same vendor on eBay 2 months ago. The set I got was perfect with the original accessories in a brown box. I see that they have the same price on eBay Now if you prefer that...or if they have them during eBay's monthly Discount Coupon or Bonus Bucks deals.

    I have purchased 4 items from Secondipity... who semi specialize in Sony Refurbs...and all have been great. However...as I do not believe in generalizing based on this small sample size :) you can see that they have a 97.9% positive rating on eBay and 92% lifetime and 84% last 30 days on Amazon. So not everyone is happy..but I believe they are honest, and that unless stated in the listing the refurbished product will look very near new (no b/c/d stock). They are not Apple Direct refurb quality....but I will buy from them again.

    As for the MDR-1AM2 phones...overall I like them a lot. However, I purchased them because I saw this review of the MDR-1A from DMS who said they were the most comfortable he had ever used. These MDR-1AM2 use a different cup/band/cushions and while quite comfortable I would not rate them best. Still very pleased for the price.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
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  7. phthora
    Periodic Audio Be IEMs with pure beryllium diaphragms for $179 down from $299:

    Select the "Restock" V1 option.

    These are the V1. V2 made some minor cosmetic changes, but both versions sound the same according to the Periodic Audio thread.
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  8. BananaOoyoo
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  9. alpha421
    ^Damn. Very tempting, indeed.
  10. talan7
  11. the fool
    Well that was fast
  12. alpha421
    I snoozed....:triportsad:
  13. BananaOoyoo
    Well, anyone looking to sell/trade an i4 can breathe a sigh of relief haha

    Looks like there weren’t too many of them available
  14. talan7
    I had one in my cart and almost did it. Went all the way through PayPal and chickened out at last minute. A grand out of the blue was just too much drama.
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  15. phthora

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