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Shanling Have any question about our players? Just PM me or send me email. Stay updated on Shanling at their sponsor profile on Head-Fi.
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Anyone is welcome to use my $10 off $100 spend code from Buydig if they want, I'm not going to use it.
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KZ cables would not fit into Audeze iSine, or any other standard 2 pin IEMs. They have pins of smaller diameter and also they use special recessed construction.

I just used a KZ cable and it worked just fine. I had to cut a little slit in the plastic housing between the two pins for the groove in the iSine housing but it works just fine. I really dislike the iSine flat ribbon cable. I also did not like it for the regular Sine as well.
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Touch of Modern site time to time sells Telefunken Aqusta headphones made by Fischer Audio or maybe NIBOSA AB Sweden, at less then 1/2 price brand new, first quality sealed. I'm not sure if returnable unless good reason. $125 + $15 SH to USA = $140 total. The only other sites selling these (Amazon, ebay, adorama, reverb) sell them for $300 to $335. A couple of us have bought these, mine will arrive in 1 week. Today sold out, but were available up to yesterday. Others say keep checking and they will repeat the sale time to time. You can add the item to a save for-notification list when available also.

Owners say burn them in for "lots of" hours and they then play nicely. Bass weak out of box, then after burn in bass is fine. They also withstand tremendous bass boost without distortion, per others, in addition to scaling well.

I created a ultra-simple account there to see the price (just log in there), and they were sold out. But, a few hours later I got an email in stock & bought them. Have tracking with usps showing movement on their journey here to east coast, from west coast moving closer last 2 days.

Appearance reminiscent of classic Sennheiser HD-1000 Charleston model limited to 1000 sets made back then by Sennie.
Telefunken Aqusta.jpg

Hope fotos are allowed on this thread or I can delete foto if not.

The site sells other headphones such as Sennheiser HD800"S" & Audeze LCD-X, both for $1700, but has anyone seen if they also discount sale these down deep too ? (I know it's a dream, but asking).

Not sure if NIBOSA makes Aqusta or licensed to FA = Fischer-Audio makes some fine sets, I have some of their models, and they are finely crafted with great sound.
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