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  1. gelocks
    Dealt with them via eBay.
    Nice price for a Sony SRS X3 a year or so ago. Fast shipping as well. I would say go via eBay if they have the same deal up.
  2. ibs63

    Thanks. They have it but they listed it for more money.
  3. VinegarBoy

    Their ratings on eBay and Amazon aren't much to write home about, that's for sure. That price on the Z7 is unheard of. If I were buying I would buy through Amazon or eBay, even though the price is higher. The satisfaction guarantee of either one would be worth the difference vs. buying from their website.
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  4. Uberclocked
    Got a Sony XB950AP from them before off of Newegg.  Great seller, no problems whatsoever.
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  5. Ggroch
    They have lowered the Secondipidy through Amazon price to $320 to match the direct price...so if you want the additional Amazon re-assurance buy that way.
    I have purchased 3 items from them through ebay and they have all been fine...but the ratings indicate there have some issues. I would feel confident buying through Amazon Marketplace.
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  6. ibs63

    Thanks for the heads up!
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  7. VinegarBoy
    These people track different different sites and report savings available on new, refurb, and used headphones. Some days there are few or even no posts, other days they have many findings. Some deals are very minor, some are great.

    This is where I found the deal on the Z7. Now everybody can follow their findings.

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  8. Peti

    Now that looks a very interesting website! Thanks for sharing!!
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  9. Ggroch
    JBL Synchros S700 Headphones: 50mm drivers, cast aluminum - black only - New - $100 free ship Newegg via eBay
    The proprietary "Livestage" technology gets meh through horrible reviews, but it is totally by-passable and reviews with it defeated are pretty good.
    Lowest price yet on these I think, newegg ran them at $130 a couple of weeks ago. 
  10. Lord Raven
    Hi Guys :D I am back, this time I need a Beyerdynamic T1 Gen1. Hehe Please post if you find a better deal. Thanks! LR
  11. imackler
  12. FlacFan
    While the combo deal appears to be agood one, I am confused by the regular pricing for the DT770. At Amazon you can get the 32 and the 80 Ohm for $125 ish.
    Either the Amazon price is awesome or the price at Sonic is off....
  13. Mr Newyear
    YMMV but my local target was moving things around and my dad got some Jaybirds X2 for $56 after tax because they were in clearance. Not hi-fidelity, but a great deal on some workout headphones
  14. Raketen
    DT770 usually more like 160-220ish, great headphone for $125. Even considering the current low price seems like its still a pretty decent combo deal.
  15. Uberclocked
    It's $151 on Amazon now.

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