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  1. heliosphann
    E-mailed them and they said my subscription ended the same day that the promotion went out, so i'm not eligible. Really???
    So far Tidal Customer service 2/10.
  2. PsychShaman
    The Takstar Pro80 + Hengja (Headphone hanger) for $45 is a heck of a deal.  (Use same top link, scroll to bottom for coupon code and item).
  3. ericr
    From ProAudioStar: We'll beat any Cyber Monday deal, plus 15% off of your next purchase.
    Looking at the site they currently carry some AKG, Senn (incl. HD650), Pioneer, Apogee, AT, etc. -- along with lots of audio/DJ stuff and instruments.  This is where I bought my T90 a while back and the price & service was great, though the only Beyerdynamic they seem to have now is the DT-990 Premium 32.
  4. imackler
    in my experience, they say that they'll beat any price... but they don't. 
  5. ibs63
    Thanks for the tip! I emailed support and they responded and extended my end date of my current subscription within 1/2 hour of my request. Yep 10/10 for Tidal support. [​IMG]
  6. Eugguy

     As a DJ and past customer, I agree. They don't. They just talk and talk and talk until you have finally given up and just agree on a price. Many better deals, especially if you are looking for DJ equipment. AGIPRODJ is WAYYYY better in terms of prices and more importantly, customer service. 
  7. imackler
    M50X (although white) and X3ii for $225!
  8. ericr
    64 Audio (aka 1964 Ears) Cyber Monday Sale

    Did you miss the Black Friday savings? TODAY ONLY, get 20% off all A-Series, U-Series, V6-Stage, V8 In-Ear Monitors. Sale ends today, November, 30th at 11:59pm PST.

    Order at www.1964ears.com and use promo code: CM15 at checkout. Open to all international customers.

  9. Ahdiofyle

    Create a new account?
  10. jlucas

  11. sujitsky

    Amazon warehouse deals
  12. Mechans1
    Confessions of an internet idiot.
    What kind of headphone or related product is AWD All Wheel Drive, is it the sound system?  Do you have to buy the rest of truck /car/ SUV etc... ? 
  13. Ahdiofyle
    Instead of actual drivers, they have wheels in the headphones.
  14. Allanmarcus
    Exclusions have changed! The ESP950 is now 40% off. Yes, 599.99 for the ESP950.
    New exclusions:
    Products excluded from this offer are: Pro4S, SP540, SP330, BT540i, BTS1. Valid until December 1, 2015 11:59 PM CST in the United States and Canada
  15. heliosphann
    I guess I can try. Is there a link or code for the 4 for 1 deal???

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