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  1. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Just a heads up.  
    Google Music has a free two month trial: https://play.google.com/music/
    And if you have a rooted Android device, you can actually download .mp3s to your device using:
    Play Music Exporter - Great app, works perfect!  Love it!
    This app can not be downloaded in the app store, you have to get it here:  https://www.david-schulte.de/en/play-music-exporter/
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  2. drbluenewmexico

    we could hold out for the upcoming Phillips X9, cause it would take a few years to go from
    X2 to there......and then you could fatten your wallets up in the meantime......
    of  course, who would wait??
  3. lawrecedent
    Did anyone have any joy on the UK Sennheiser outlet store with the 35% discount code. I got a confirmation email then nothing. I phoned them yesterday and was told the order was still processing and then got an email today saying the order had been cancelled by the supplier. Really annoying as I incurred bank charges buying them because the price was so good and haven't even got my refund yet :angry:
  4. inseconds99
    Just bought an X2 for $198 (very good) with only damage to the box. I don't need this headphone at all butI did love my X1 and I miss it. The X1 was just too small on my head so I had to sell it. For this cheap price I just felt the need to go ahead and purchase it. Let's hope I get an x2 that is basically new with no dye leaking issue. Lol
  5. lawrecedent
    I bought the X2 in the recent Amazon price slash in the UK and can say that other than a bit of damage to the box (it had been opened and a few scrapes here and there) the headphones themselves are mint condition and sound superb. A big step up from what I remebered of my X1's. I think you're going to pleasantly surprised!
  6. Stillhart
    Dammit, I've been refreshing for two days trying to get one.  I had it in my cart yesterday before it told me it wasn't available anymore.  :frowning2:
  7. lawrecedent

  8. inseconds99

    Still, I just got it about an hour and a half ago. I purchased a brand new one on Monday then this morning cancelled it saying "screw it" (in much more vulgar words lol) I don't need it. Then I got my conformation email saying it was cancelled and no money was taken. I clicked on the headphone and bam it showed it for 198 so I said "screw it" (LoL) and bought it again.

    I'll buy a boompro if this thing is in good condition with no dye issue and use it for console gaming. I'll continue to use the hd800 for everything else including PC gaming.
  9. imackler
    Massdrop has SE215 for $79 https://www.massdrop.com/buy/shure-se215-earphones
    And Buysonic has Fiio X5 for $299. https://www.buysonic.com/products/fiio-x5/ It was $280 a few days ago with the headroom coupon, but still a good deal. 
  10. Stillhart
    I suspect that as long at the new price is at $250, the AWD price will stay at $199.  Once the regular price goes back up, those AWD ones will too...
  11. inseconds99
    Yup, Ill keep checking randomly and shoot you a pm if I see one.
  12. Soundsgoodtome

    Omega stands on AMazon for $30 and $45. The $45 is prime and the $30 one takes 1-2 weeks, the $45 also has a better finish or so I'm told.

    $30 without prime shipping:
    $45 with prime shipping and better finish:

  13. inseconds99
    Can anyone comment on these as I currently own a woo audio stand but am going to be sending it back soon as it doesn't align correctly with my HD800 headband. It leaves indents on each side of the headband. I was concerned about omega stands as they compress the headband and the earpads. I was thinking of maybe getting one of these http://www.head-fi.org/t/608607/rooms-headphone-stands or http://www.voltiaudio.com/headphonestand.shtml
  14. echineko
    These are not the actual Sieveking Omega stands, for one. But for the price, I'm sure that's not a big shock :p

    Edit: yup, made in China :)
  15. inseconds99
    I know they aren't real I just wanted to hear an opinion from someone who owns one and possible owns and HD800 as well. Or someone who owns an 800 and can recommend another stand.
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