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  1. rudyae86

    Dam. I woke up 2 or 3 hours late. I saw these yesterday and were still around 240 for the used ones. All the used ones are gone. :frowning2:

    200 bucks for the very good or like new is a steal price. And even the 249 prce is the lowest rice for a new pair.

    But I will wait. Seems like a couple of the returns, well at least from what I have read, is due to comfort or fit.

    So we might see some returns again lol
  2. heliosphann
    Yea, I'd snap one up for around $200 even though I really like my X1's. 
  3. Stillhart
  4. PsychShaman
    Yet surprisingly 100% claimed after just a minute.  I'll keep that in mind in case they do drop further some day:D
  5. jcwyly
    Probably because there was only 1 or 2 they were selling at that price. But it's definitely a bit too high... 
  6. Soundsgoodtome

  7. doctorjazz

    If you wait for the release of the X3, you will probably be able to get the X2 for $100 or so...but, you will probably want the X3, not the X2 :D
  8. Kylv

    Well luckily for you someone backed out. It is sitting at 70% as of right now.
  9. rudyae86

    Not really. Tyll mentioned in his X2 review that if Philips makes another flagship headphone, that it will be priced higher than what the X2 was originally priced. So I would say, around the 500 to 600 dollar range. Honestly if they made an X3, how much more could they improve on it? X2 would be the ultimatum for most on a budget. I want it because I did love the X1 and that the X2 is a refinement of what the X1 should have been. Plus it should compliment my K7XX and would be my set up for quite a long time.....that is, until I have enough money for a TH900.
  10. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Lightning Deal:  MEElectronics Atlas Carbon (multiple colors) for $20:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E4LABDW/
  11. doctorjazz

    Don't know about the pricing, and I really like my X1, but, if I recall what I read about the X1 before the X2 came out, you wouldn't think it was possible to improve on it either. This is why Head Fiers are doomed to poverty...:)
  12. sujitsky
    Philips X2 at $248 on Amazon
    EDIT: Just saw I am late to post this, but still!
  13. Spiderman
    Shouldn't post reference links
  14. rudyae86

    Sadly, this is true...even if I say I willt ake a break from head fi...but nope, i know myself lol
  15. Soundsgoodtome

    I don't think people do this purposely and I don't think people understand how to edit this so there is no 'reference'. Although if I were to view this item without the reference and them copied and pasted what was on my URL bar, this 'reference' portion would be added and I wouldn't benefit from it.
993 994 995 996 997 998 999 1000 1001 1002
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