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  1. doctorjazz
    (I did give my wife my Over Ear Momentums...:rolleyes:
  2. DavidA
    Sorry, my girlfriends daughter just graduated from college so we were thinking of getting her some good headphones (looking at Momentum 2, needs to have some fashion as my GF says) as a grad gift.
    Also the HE-560 was my sons high school graduation gift (first time he didn't say "cash is good" when I asked him what he wanted).  He is working part time and paid for his Ember and Modi2 uber on his own so I haven't spoiled him too much.
  3. Wildcatsare1
    Well my Wife claimed my K7XXs, thought I was being benevolent letting her take them, God only what would happen if she tried to take my 560s!!!!! (Yeah, I know, I'd say, "yes dear").
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  4. DavidA
    Did she ever comment that it gets tangled in her hair?  I've bought 6 on-ears (4 pink,1 blue, 1 red) from amazon warehouse (great deal @ $52-60) and given them as birthday gifts and some of the girls have said that their hair gets tangled where the headband has the hole.
  5. jcwyly
    Well the MSRP on those Ultrasone is $1800 while the HE6 is what $1200 ? 
    Obviously the ED8 are a bit overpriced but they're still among the best closed-back headphones... might still be the best in the world if you want compact form (Every other expensive CB) or actual noise blockage (Mr. Speakers, Fostex) or them not to crush your skull (Audeze). Not to mention the premium materials that you don't usually get on most spartan summit fi phones (looking at you hifiman).

    And the Julia is the newer version with the removable cords. Also they're pink so a great gift to get the missus into true summit fi in style. 
    So I think they get a bit too much hate around here just because Ultrasons doesn't have a good rep due to some other hp of theirs being $3k paperweights. ED8 is probably one of the (only?) few high end ultrasones worth praising. 
  6. DavidA
    Glad my girlfriend when out a short while ago, that pink Ultrasone is something she would get in a heart beat.
  7. doctorjazz

    The on-ear wouldn't wash in my house (I tried to substitute some on ears instead of the Momentum, no go), all the ladies can't stand them. But, my wife does LOVE her Over Ear Momentums, no comfort complaints, sound or mic complaints either.
  8. Stillhart
    My wife made me sell hers because she couldn't deal with the tangling.  I mentioned it in this thread and nobody else seemed to have that issue so I'm glad to hear I'm not alone.  :)  I got her a Creative Aurvana Live! to replace it ($50 on or around Black Friday) and she's been a happy camper since.
  9. elwappo99
    I don't think any headphone should be judged by their MSRP. We can talk value though. I think the Ultrasones are worth about $400 and the HE-6 are easily worth $1200.
    The edition 8 is often thought of as great because of it's asking price, and amazing look.
    But I don't think it sounds a whole lot better than ultrasones $200 headphones. 
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  10. Soundsgoodtome
    Really for anyone looking for an even keel closed back phone (aka not a bass-head phone) for under $500 new really needs to try/compare the Oppo pm3. I brought mine to a mini-meet today with some of the most extremely knowledgeable audiophiles you can come across and the pm3 all got approving thumbs up. For the price and as a closed back portable it was very well praised.
  11. money4me247 Contributor
    I strongly agree with this. it may not be suitable for everyone, but I highly recommend people who have the opportunity to give it a test drive! my search for a closed portable that meets my personal preferences/needs ended with the pm-3.
  12. jh7000
  13. cleverhandle
    Woot is selling Audio-Technica ATH-M50x (Blue) Professional Studio Monitor Headphones for $149.  That's a pretty good deal (according to CCC) on a excellent headphone.
  14. PsychShaman
    Very tempting, the Warehouse ones are all gone, but this is the first time they've been on sale on amazon since their release:  http://camelcamelcamel.com/Philips-X2-27-Fidelio-Headphones/product/B00O2Y2MZG
  15. Chenac
    Beyerdynamic T1 on Amazon Lightening deals later today (1PM) -899
    Not a great deal.
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