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  1. cel4145
  2. MrEleventy
    Here's a neat trick. If you're ordering multiple items, buy all but one, as seperate transactions w/ the no rush credit. Wait til the next day and order the last one w/ the free 2 day. You'll get all your stuff in 2 days plus the credit. :wink: I've done it a few times, works out great.
  3. cel4145
  4. inseconds99
    Massdrop Sound Blaster X7 $299.99

  5. Stillhart
  6. rudyae86
    Wow...I didnt know that lol. Cool trick, Thanks :)
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I've been using the Monoprice 5" studio monitors for the past year, I'm content with their audio quality.
    As they look just like and share a lot of the same specs as the M-Audio BX5, I'm guessing Monoprice went to the same factory (in China) where M-Audio has their BX5s are made and Monoprice just did some minor changes and put their name on it.
    Someone said they think the Monoprice 5" are based on the older BX5a, not the newer BX5 D2.
    I'm guessing if someone wanted something that might be considered better then the Monoprice 5", would be looking at the JBL LSR305, which sell for $260-$300, for the pair.
    So the $110 price for the Monoprice 5" should be about the best deal (bang for the buck) anyone is going to get.
    And if you want more bass, just spend the extra $50 for the Monoprice 8" studio monitors.
  8. Sladeophile
    They're not bad. Not the best for flat audio engineering needs, but pretty good for a set of powered bookshelf type speakers. For that price, they are easily the best you're going to get though. I have the BX8a and would love to upgrade some day, but I don't do much audio work anymore so they work for what I need. I spend a lot more time with cans on my head since kids, but they work for when I need them, but I'm not professionally mixing anything on them, and would use the good stuff I have at work if I needed to.
  9. metaldood
    Yay 1000 pages!
  10. illyria
  11. inseconds99
    Massdrop M-Stage HP2 $199.99

    Just committed to one at the price for my HD800's, this is a great price as its over $300 on Amazon right now.

  12. cel4145
    Woot brought back the Onkyo ES-CTI300, but now it's $49.99: http://electronics.woot.com/offers/onkyo-on-ear-headphones-with-control-talk-4
  13. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    ^ I bought these on the previous deal, great headphones!
  14. Ggroch

    I love these things.....probably worth buying a 2nd set as they are now about as cheap as the replacement cable that all but the most careful will probably need.   VERY COMFORTABLE.


    The not so comfortable Sennheiser Amperiors REFURBISHED are available again at New Egg for $99 shipped:

    In BLUE  or 

  15. RERO
    It's been $94.99 on NeweggFlash for awhile now. 2 days left.
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