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The Complete Guide to taking proper care of headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by squallkiercosa, Jun 3, 2013.
  1. Claritas
    Or, my favorite, "mental dog" [​IMG]
  2. ostewart
    Which are the mental dog?
    Haha I love throwing my GMP around
  3. Claritas

    I mean in the video.
  4. timidteddy
    oh no I've been running over cables with my chair all the time hmmmmmm.... =S  does carpet cushion the cable being squished?
  5. ostewart
    Yeah the dog part is funny. But running then over with a car is crazy
  6. barksdale
    Good topic thanks for linking me.

    But what about oil from hair that gets on the velour?  Do you guys care about this?  Do you wipe the headphones after each use or do you just let it dry?  (although I don't think oil really dries)
    What about headphones where the velour has worn away completely and it's just the earmuff underneath?  How do I clean them?

  7. pheerix
    Also is it ok to use those canned compressed air dusters? I imagine you shouldn't blow directly into the drivers but a light puff here and there should be ok?
  8. Kwangsun
    I own a pair of AKG Q701 in black. I'm sure many of you guys know, but they come with a lime green cable. Mine has been through hell, but still working fine. The only thing is, after running over it with my desk chair rollers, stepping on them on occasion and just leaving them be, they've become pretty gross. Any suggestions on how to clean the cable to make it like new again? Also, suggestions on what to use to clean IEM cables? I own quite a lot of them but rarely do they get a good cleaning. 
  9. nicolasete
    Too late =) 
    (and you should see the insides of the left cup, there is more insulating tape there than in any hardware store you'll ever visit ^^)

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