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The Comfort Champions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sound quest, Mar 8, 2013.
  1. Sound Quest
    I like my audiobooks and i'm looking for a pair of headphones that are high on the comfort list so I can just drift off to sleep with them on.
    Sound quality doesn't have to be outstanding, just clear enough for speech and some light background music.
    What would peoples recommendations be in the comfort department?
  2. jerg Contributor
    For sleeping you're best off with IEMs. Even the most comfortable and discreet full-sized headphones will be clunky when you are lying in bed.
  3. Sound Quest
    I actually find "in ear" models to be quite uncomfortable to my ears. The skin inside my ears seems to react badly when put into contact with rubber or plastics.
    I don't need huge headphones, just a pair I can wear without my ears feeling hot and bothered after just 1 hour of use.
  4. Sekka
    Denon AH D-2/5/7000, for me.
  5. Andrew_WOT
    DT880 Premium followed by Sony MDR-1R. Both literally disappear when worn.
  6. formula1
    I find the Koss KSC75 comfy. They will serve well for your purposes. 
  7. Sound Quest
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Although, I should mention that i'm not as rich as some of you. [​IMG]
  8. swmtnbiker
    The Beyer DT990 is supremely comfortable (as is the DT880), but their large cups make them difficult to use when lying on a pillow.
  9. Sound Quest

    Which ohm version of the DT880's do you own?
  10. wolfetan44
    I don't recommend the DTXXX while lying down. Anyways, the Sony MDR-1R.
  11. Katun
    Of all I've owned, these 5 come to mind.
    - PX100-II
    - MDR-1R
    - MDR-F1
    - MA900
    - AE2
    I don't care for Beyer's comfort.
  12. Sound Quest
    Thanks for all the responses.
    The 1R's seem promising in terms of comfort. But for 200 quid, I would expect them to sound pretty good as well.
  13. wolfetan44
    And that they do.
  14. soundeffect
    Sony mdr-1R or what some clip on like ew9 or Yuin GA1/GA2?
  15. Sound Quest
    How would you describe the sound of them?
    Do they have a natural response, or a more colourful/fun response?

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