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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. shotgunshane Contributor
    Well if that's what the community wants. Maybe one day there will be something aimed more toward iem users with good battery life. I'll pass on 5 hours.
  2. eron
    From preliminary survey findings, you aren't alone in wanting a good battery life.
    1)Maybe CEntrance can consider a thin battery pack sold separately that slots below the M8? Have to consider the rubber feet below.
    2)Maybe at lower gain settings the M8 can still last >8hrs on the more powerful chip? I'm assuming IEM users want longer battery life. At the same time IEMs users listen at a lower volume, so perhaps the more powerful configuration lasts considerably longer for IEM users vs HP users.
    Survey for output, battery level of the CEntrance HiFi M8
  3. mitsu763
    For portable use all I need is dacport performance from an iDevice. I don't see the need to drive monster phones from a battery powered device and considering where I'd potentially use this open phones aren't an option. Others may disagree.
  4. dparker83
    Would rather have 8 hours for portable.  My LCD2's stay on my desk!
  5. azydos
    For a portable amp at least 8 hours,
    Any idea on the prices rank?
  6. elnero

    I got the impression reading the blog that the battery life question was for the high gain setting. I'm assuming based on that the battery life would be significantly longer on the lowest gain setting, am I wrong on this?
  7. Fifen
    Can it designed to have dacmini output when use as desktop setup (external power) and have dacport output when use as portable (battery powered). since most of the portable headphone/earphone dont need the extra power, and it can still can be use to power up hard to drive headphone when use as desktop setup.

    Just a suggestion
  8. pekingduck
    x2. I hope there will be an IEM edition (M8i?)  with better battery life and a smaller form factor!
  9. Lazyboy_sg
  10. shotgunshane Contributor
    What/which headphones are people using portably that need so much power? Just curious, as I only use IEMs.
  11. audionewbi
     My guess is people are not thinking of this as a portable unit, they are hoping that it is in a portable size but with desktop performance so they get to use it at home with their power hungry headphones.
  12. shotgunshane Contributor

    That's what I was thinking as well. I would hope with low gain it will have better battery life.
  13. mgoodman
    We are going to do our best in the upcoming weeks to optimize the power/battery equation for a mix of headphones.
    Heavy optimization is never fun, because it's hard work. But results of heavy optimization are usually fun :)
  14. Audiowood
    I am concern only that the high power and gain may have too little volume play on IEM or start to hiss.
  15. elnero

    At this point I'll be using it with various IEM's and the W3000ANV's but this will in likelihood be my only DAC/Amp solution so I'd prefer not to be limited. The majority of time I'll likely have it hooked it up to a computer but with the iDevice connection it gives me the freedom to move around the house without being tethered to a computer. I can't see myself needing much more than 3 hours battery life, 5 max for that type of usage.
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