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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. wormsdriver
    ^Afaik, it won't.
    The Hifi-M8 (like many other dacs) ONLY work through USB AR Pro app, on capable android devices.
  2. FraGGleR
    Like Wormsdriver said, it won't work.  USB audio is still in its infancy with Android (not to mention handset support on top of that).  It is unfortunate that the only 3rd party app that somewhat levels the playing field is one that was intended as a recording interface, not playback.  At last check, the developer had no interest in developing a nice GUI for this app or a standalone playback app.  And it also seems that no other developer is able to or cares about developing a driver or app that can make everything work together.   
  3. JoonBug
    Longtime lurker here. Just got my unit and it's charging away from the wall socket like a champ!
    I've a few questions for Michael after having used my M8 for a few hours: (I've got the 4-pin XLR iDevice unit)
    1. How long did you find the M8 takes to charge from a 110V outlet?
    2. The 1/8" combo optical jack shines red (presumably the optical signal?) all the time (that the M8 is on). Is that normal??
    3. There seems to be a little "click" when I change the M8 to a different mode (iDevice to USB input, iDevice to power off, USB input to iDevice, etc.) Is that the sound of something frying?
    4. My included short 30pin cable didn't seem to connect for some reason... I tried a regular stock Apple 30pin to USB cable and it connected to my old iPod touch just fine. Is the CEntrance cable particularly finnicky?
    (Honestly if it turns out the cable has some kind of defect, whatever.
    5. I know you've got your hands full with shipping issues and the 24/96 iOS fix but is CEntrance likely going to focus on Android support for the M8 in the near future? This would be awesome!!!!!!
    Thanks again Michael!! The M8 sounds kick-ass so far.
    oh and
    I googled a little bit and found an xda poster messing around with some of the CM nightly builds.
    Looks like he/she (4th post down) succeeded in getting 24/96 output by patching some kind of driver.....
  4. FraGGleR
    Modifying drivers or kernels is beyond my understanding.  And so far, I haven't seen any universal solution since different DACs behave different ways, and it seems each handset behaves in different ways.   I do believe that all this is possible, but it would take several very smart, dedicated people to find a solution that could begin to approach universal, and then, it would most likely involve modifying things that the average person couldn't handle.  It really needs to be driven by both Google and handset makers for universal solutions.  
    The HifiM8 announces itself as a 24/192 device which is beyond what Android can natively handle.  Loading a custom driver is much more complex than with Windows (which also needs a custom driver to handle 24/192).  
    At this point, I am simply going to content myself listening straight out of my phone for true on-the-go listening and then use the M8 with a laptop if doing more serious listening in a mobile situation.  Streamlining my life is taking precedence over luxury.
  5. cardude Contributor
    I received my M8 last week and all I can say is WOW!!  I absolutely love it and want to thank Michael and his crew for a top notch product.  It has exceeded my expectations, and was worth the wait.  I'll post some impressions in the other thread after some more listening time.  Thanks again Michael, my hat's off to you!  Here's a couple pics of the M8 in action;
  6. DemonFox
    Ugh I wish I would got with the early program when I had the chance...

    Does anyone know when the full release to the general public will be??


  7. ButtUglyJeff
    Well, there are 3 "batches" of pre-orders, with only the first fulfilled.  So, two more to go.  With that said, Michael did mention making a few LX models available soon...
  8. Trogdor

    I was told September. But mgoodman can confirm.
  9. Mediahound
    See their website:
    The LX is shipping now, the M8 (non LX) is estimated for September. 
  10. Trogdor

    If you order an LX right now, you wouldn't see it until September because of the pre-order list has already spoken for the next two batches.

    So though LX is technically shipping now, I suspect there is still a wait.

    mgoodman can confirm.
  11. eron
    Don't know if this is considered a bug:
    Playing portable through iPhone-FlacPlayer+. 
    Once I plug in to charge, music stops, and I need to toggle the back switch off, then to iOS again. Then press play to resume playing.
  12. Liuxin

    1, I Test the charge time, It's cost more than 4 hours to complete the charge, and my input from CEntrance is 12v,2.0A.
           It's will faster if the CEntrance sent us the same charge as DACmini, and this is under 220v (It's make no different after the transfer, I think)
    2.  YES, and normal.
    3.  Not found
    4. 5. etc.
  13. Audiowood

    Same here, anytime I charge I have to turn on and off again.
  14. mgoodman
    Hello, which pics are you referring to? The ones from our website? Those should be ok, unless someone says otherwise... Please PM me with with review URL and thanks for the review!
  15. mgoodman
    AKM has balanced outputs, you don't need a second one.
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