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The Centrance HiFi M8 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by firev1, Aug 15, 2012.
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  1. moodyrn
    Just posted very brief impression over in the impressions thread, but very pleased with the sound out of the box. It's able to power the he6 to moderate levels which is right around where I like to listen. But they do sound underpowered which was expected. But it's plenty good enough to be enjoyable.

    My jh13 sounds stellar on this and best of all.....the cheap 2.00 short, black lightning cable I got off eBay works great!!!
  2. kokushu
    Anybody who got the m8 coming to the LA Head Fi meet this weekend?
  3. Overkill Red
    So I ordered on Jan 2, 2013, which puts me in the September group I suppose.
    If only I'd ordered a week earlier..
  4. thegrobe
    Oh man, these initial impressions rolling in are making me wish I had gotten in early on the pre-order! Feedback sounds promising. Just gotta keep waiting, that's fine. Keep the impressions coming folks!
  5. aamefford
    I ordered mine November 4th.  Cutoff for the first group was November 3rd....  The whole 24/96 thing should be sorted by the time mine ships the last week of August though, so all is basically well.  Except that the reviews and impressions rolling in have me twitching...
  6. moodyrn
    One thing I will say about my jh13, one negative they have is being very source dependent. At 1099 they don't sound like high end cans out of straight out of a portable. On any of my home rigs, I would put them right up there with some of the best.

    But I would say they sound good off a portable and really good off a very good off a godap 4.0 i use to own. With the m8 they sound like high end customs again. So I would say the built in dac is really doing its job. I haven't tried my w3000s yet, but I will soon.
  7. pspivak
    This may be a really stupid comment. One thing that I have noticed with my Heir 8a's is that if I do not listen for a few days, maybe just using the TF-10's or music in the car, when I do pick up the 8a's again they again blow me away to a certain extent. I think that I become used to the sound after a steady diet of just the 8a. Maybe its a psychoacoustic effect. Maybe I become saturated? I do know that after listening at high volume I do get an auditory numbing effect, like loosing sensitivity. So much so that I have learned to appreciate turning the volume down. That being said, even at low volume (maybe especially at low volume) an amp makes a real difference in the quality of the sound. I do not really like to listen to the headphones without an amp anymore. The LOD out of the iPod to an amp is so much superior to the 3.5 mm jack direct in my opinion.
  8. Overkill Red
    Yeah, I'm expecting all the software issues to be solved by the time my unit gets shipped out (with the third and final preorder group).
    I know what you mean about the twitching!!!
  9. Jupiterknight
    It would be nice to official know all the cutoff dates, just to know what group anyone who pre-ordered belongs to. I'm fine with a wait, maybe slightly envious of those who have received their unit and how much they love their units :) and I would love to hear more, why not..  Now, I'm about to rewriting my will and I just need to know what to include before it's too late..
  10. ExpatinJapan
    What are the three gain steps?
    Are they the same as on the website?
  11. wormsdriver
    MY TWITCHING ENDS ON  JULY 19, 2013![​IMG]...[​IMG]
  12. Russell
    Got my e-mail w/tracking number from Stacie earlier today (Wednesday). [​IMG]  According to the FedEx site, my M8 (LX) should arrive on Tuesday.  Thanks, Stacie and Michael!!!
  13. Audiowood
    Same here, ETA on next Tuesday. Unfortunately I will be out of town whole of next week. Bummer!
  14. fire23wong
    Will be receiving my unit tomorrow morning[​IMG]
  15. ExpatinJapan
    I am looking forward to the impressions thread getting busy the next few weeks.
    So ronery.
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